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Title: Chapter 31 21 Aug 2021 3:45 am
Reviewer: LtsHrIt4ThBoys (Signed) [Report This]
    Good, Sev, *good*! I'm so glad he didn't dismiss what the rat-bastard said out of hand! When Elias wakes up ask him if he dreamed of the meeting? What did he see? Did he see the evil wanker kill Nott? Did he experience Sev being crucioed?

    If Sev would just think it through he'd realize that Eli *isn't* "relapsing", he's experiencing being freshly crucioed! The effect must be cumulative as this time he almost died!

    You're doing an infinitely better job of *honestly* conveying the effects of the crucio curse through Harry's scar than in canon! I thought it typical of Rowling to dismiss Harry *feeling* the crucio, yet no one ever thought to offer HIM treatment after one of his visions!

    Hmmm, so Shannon *doesn't* know that the child that Dinkless brought to her with the dark magic surrounding him and the cut on his forehead and Sev's son Elias are the same child. I would have still figured that her scans would pick up the dark energy from the Horcrux, though!

    Well, Sev's going to *have* to do something soon or Moldy is going to kill him or permanently damage him unknowingly!

    Poor Teddy! Well, at least the murder of his mother and baby sister have been avenged! Cold comfort maybe, but that's how I'd see it.

    Whew, tough chapter!😢
Title: Chapter 31 14 Jun 2021 9:48 pm
Reviewer: Fmh (Signed) [Report This]
    Very dramatic and painful. Wonderful writing thank you.
    I’m very interested in the horcrux situation. Is Elias still a horcrux? He felt and saw the meeting but Voldemort didn’t seem to know or feel Harry.
    Thank you so much

    Author's Response: Block text incoming! This is gonna go a bit into the lore that I've kinda created for this story as well as canon, so hold onto something. In the books, Voldemort doesn't really begin explore the connection to Harry until 5th year, so after the 3rd task and his resurrection. It really isn't until after the incident with Mr. Weasley being attacked that he seems to be exploiting this. In my mind, this means he wasn't 100% sure what he was seeing was actually through Harry's eyes. He knew Nagini was a Horcrux, but wasn't sure or didn't know Harry was one. Connection: yes; Horcrux: no. It wasn't until after Harry got Dumbledore to respond quickly enough to Mr. Weasley's attack that he realized how exploitable this connection was if he sent enough truthful information through it. In this story, he's still at the point where he could feel the connection and know it's there. However, Elias has been on an absolute metric ton of potions which change the way his nervous system works and on one particular potion (Fulgur) which is helping to modulate his core's strength and innate healing powers. Essentially, the Fulgur is providing his core with a bit of extra power to try and heal ... everything. There is a bit of a side-effect to the Fulgur which is actually hidden in the origin of the potion's name (which is a bit of a spoiler but will be cleared up somewhat in ... four chapters from this one) which is essentially providing a bit of shielding from the horcrux's effects. The additional power provided by the Fulgur is also allowing his magic to try and heal the lesion caused by the horcrux, essentially making the connection invisible to Voldemort. When he missed a dose, the extra shielding disappeared and the bit of healing done by his innate magic was halted, thus opening the connection back up slightly. He was still subtherapeutic in his Fulgur titer after the night dose which was why the connection remained open for as long as it did, however because the dose he had received put him closer to the therapeutic threshold of the potion, the connection didn't go both ways.
Title: Chapter 31 10 Jun 2021 1:31 pm
Reviewer: MellarkandArt (Signed) [Report This]
    poor Elias, he’s got it beyond rough :( great update, I hope you had a lovely birthday!!

    Author's Response: I know... I'm so mean to him! Thanks for the birthday wishes! Glad you enjoyed the chapters!
Title: Chapter 31 09 Jun 2021 5:46 pm
Reviewer: Shellie (Signed) [Report This]
    Again, THANK YOU for your birthday present to us! Two nice long chapters and I am still greedy and can't wait till you post again. lol The disconnect of Voldie and Elias is interesting. What is even more interesting is Elias' connection to him is just as strong as ever but its weaker on the other side. Severus is starting to make connections, but he is slow for such an intelligent man. After all, both times Elias got worse were connected to events with Voldie.

    Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed!!!
Title: Chapter 31 09 Jun 2021 6:17 am
Reviewer: Cayj (Signed) [Report This]
    Oh it's definitely gotta be the fulgurs. I mean it affects Elias' magic right that's why it's so dangerous; so its gotta be poisoning the horcrux too, making it too weak to keep a line open for Voldie to manipulate. So when he missed a dose and it left his system he was vulnerable to the connections and the crucio he put on severus hit harry too I guess.... if Dumbledore had just told severus about the horcrux by now, or the full prophecy even, severus would be in a much better position to keep Elias safe from both sides. As it is, I have a bad feeling snape is about go have to choose. and soon. I mean he cant keep risking his life to lie to Voldie after he just killed nott (with snapes own spell even!), and he cant go all in for Dumbledore cause Dumbledore would still use Elias for his chess game and he wouldn't give half a crap if both snape and Elias die in the doing (he'd probably prefer that avtually). I thought maybe the headache in last chapter had another motive than just the weather changing but then this is Elias and everything's going to be new, in a way, y'know. You cant just expect there to ever really be a "routine" considering he could spasm and stop breathing one second or have a seizure the next. I know I said it once but again, happy birthday to you! And thank you for these awesome chapters

    Author's Response: Damn, you are right on the money! Glad you enjoyed it and are picking up on most of what I'm putting down! Glad you're enjoying it!
Title: Chapter 31 08 Jun 2021 8:04 pm
Reviewer: fringie7 (Signed) [Report This]
    Excellent and unique story

    Author's Response: Thank you!

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