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Challenges by lastcrazyhorn
Summary: Creature!Harry has inherited Giant blood from somewhere in the family history. It manifests itself as he is growing up in the Dursley household and the muggles think he has Gigantism (think Robert Wadlow, who at age 10 was already 6'6" and grew to be over 8 ft).

Time frame: 1st year (or more, but I want to see Diagon Alley)

Things to consider:
*Where is he sorted? I sort of see Giant!Harry as a Hufflepuff, but you don't have to. Just give me some reasoning for whatever you choose.
*Do people on the Alley mistake him as Hagrid's son?
*Beds - both at the Dursleys and Hogwarts (Do they pull out Hagrid's old bed?)
*School supplies (Robes etc. Is there a shop that Hagrid shops at separate from everyone else on Diagon Alley?)
*Do brooms even come that large?
*Wand size?
*Does Harry keep growing? How big does he get? Probably only from one side of the family, so he'd grow like a half-giant (still big!).

Re: Snape - I'd like to see him as an ally of some sort.
Summary: Harry quits the war. Snape is sent to bring him back. Neither is happy about it.
Summary: Adapt Ayreon's rock/metal opera, "Into the Electric Castle" for the Harry Potter universe. Including the narrator and Death, there are 10 characters. Does not need to be epilogue compliant. In fact, it might be best if you choose to bring back dead characters.
Summary: Lily Potter appears as a ghost to Voldemort (at some point while Harry is at Hogwarts). She tells him that if he saves her baby from the Dursleys, then Harry can be swayed away from the light. Voldemort decides to try and gives the task over to Severus. The rest is up to you.

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