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Due to computer issues, I can't access fanfics I added to this site prior to January 2011. I don't know when/if the issues can be fixed. Until then, new chapters for those stories won't be up for a while. I'm sorry to anyone waiting for updates on those fics, but it's out of my control.

May, 2017:  I'll resume several stories not affected by the above issue. As some haven't been updated in a long time, I need to re-edit/polish them to my current writing style or removing and reworking them as a fresh story. This will take a while, sorry. I still get regular reviews on my stories; thanks all of you so much for that. As I'm going through a very rough time, please be patient.
Stories I'll be returning to in 2018/2019: A different Pair of Eyes, He Listened, Riddle in Mind, The Forgotten Child, and The Son Becomes the Father. Those are the ones I have absolutely decided on; there are more I intend to return to, I just don't know if they'll be resumed sooner rather than later. 

September, 2018: For now, I'm primarily focusing on updates for Potions Prodigy, the Geminus series,  and Always a Snape. I work on others when I have time, but won't be updating them yet.

Though outdated - here are links to tribute/promo videos for some of my stories, if anyone's interested.

Brothers of Bond http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTpexUPVLJQ

The Son Becomes the Father #1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9ZpfwAjtls and #2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA_nzJl2Or4 

Just Harry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1XXEn0TyEI 

If you like role-playing games, why not check out Hogwarts AU RPG? http://haurpg.com (Re-opening October, 2018!)

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Challenges by watercrystals
Summary: Professor Snape teaches something other than Potions or Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Option 1: When 1st-year Harry arrives at Hogwarts, this has always been Snape's subject of teaching.
Option 2: Harry starts a new year at Hogwarts and it's announced that Snape is now teaching that subject instead of Potions.

  • Must be in-character.
  • Keep Snape's skills/experience intact. Whichever subject he's teaching must be something that makes sense for the skills and knowledge he has - such as Herbology. You can adjust them if necessary, but don't give him entirely new skills or remove canon ones to justify which class he teaches. Headcanons and interpretations of his canon skills or potential are allowed.
  • Harry must take the class (such as, if it's an elective like Care of Magical Creatures than Harry should at least be in 3rd year).
  • Minimum of a few chapters. However, this challenge does not need to be the focus of the story itself (it can be - but that's optional) just a prominent aspect. If you want to combine this with other challenges or plots, go for it.
  • Snape is still Head of Slytherin.
  • Harry should attend the class often throughout the story - not just once or twice shown and that's it.

    It's up to you if Snape chose to teach this subject and enjoys it, or not. And how Harry performs in this class, based on his own skills and/or Snape's teaching methods - and does he therefore do better/worst in Potions with someone else teaching it? What about Neville? Snape can still brew potions in his spare time and have his own storage cupboard, as well as give Harry Potions advice. There's a lot of potential for different interpretations and character interactions here so have fun!
Summary: While waiting in Dumbledore's office, Snape and Harry are suddenly transported deep inside a series of unending memories with no way out and with no choice but to live untouched or heard inside another time...a time in which Snape is familiar with.

Harry and Snape are transported back to the summer before Snape's 4th year. The year after the Marauders became animagus' and a year before he lost his friendship with Lily. They cannot leave the room that young Severus (of that time-line) is in but have no need for sleep, water or food. They cannot change anything because as far as the people of that time are aware, they don't even exist.

So if they have to be in the same room as 14yr old Severus and there is no way for them to leave (although obviously they don't stay there forever) then it should provide some great entertainment.

Harry can be in 5th year or an AU 4th year.

  • Must be in-character
  • Harry and Snape must have no idea at all how it happened or how to get back
  • Must include at some point an appearance at Spinner's End (a good place to start the story if you like, such as the last few days of summer before starting 4th year. I doubt Snape would want to return there during the Christmas etc, but if you can find a way around it, cool)
  • Must show some similarities between their lives, such as home neglect, lack of present expectations during Christmas etc. and anything else you can think of
  • Must have at least one day in which they are both "crazy" such as arguing more than usual and being a bit irrational. Can be however you like, but they just need to "lose it" for a while
  • Have humor, however please try to include the emotional aspect too, like Harry sympathizing with Snape while the man wishes he hadn't lost Lily etc.
  • Have Harry endure at least one day in which he answers questions in class etc., but of course no one can hear him. Snape may find this annoying or amusing, either...or both.
  • Snape finding out that Harry recognizes the Slytherin common room (from 2nd year polyjuice potion) and his reactions
  • Obviously the Marauder's pranks are to be shown at some point as well. Either Harry can be really mad about this (remembering the Mudblood memory) or thinks it's funny until he realizes that his father is a real bully and not just getting Snape back for something or whatever. Snape can be shocked by this, thinking Harry would have cheered his father and godfather on.
It is up to you everything else, also if they have their wands/can to magic even though it won't effect the world around them. Also remember that no one can hear them or see them or even feel them etc.. They can't sit in chairs unless the room is empty (apart from young Severus of course) etc. although Harry is welcome to climb a tree or something like that, but you get the drift. A good way to tell the difference between the Snapes is that the one from Harry's time is referred to as "Snape" and the younger as "Severus".

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