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Challenges by Luna Carmesi
Summary: After OoTP Harry is taken from the abusive Durlsey's care by either Dumbledore in secret or the Muggles police or somehow else and now he has to live with his biological father - Tobias Snape.

He can also be taken there by Dursleys, who somehow find out about it.
  • Tobias is alcoholic, and hasn't had contact with Severus.
  • Severus hates Tobias.
  • Tobias hits and neglects Harry (but doesn't torture him)
  • Harry is allowed to run wild.
  • They often haven't enough money ( harry cant acces his valut)
  • Harry become friends with some other poor, neglected teenaged boys, and they hang out, maybe have parties and drink beer.
  • One day Snape meets a bruised Harry and his father in a shop. What he's going to do? Snape must be canon! Snarky, bitter etc.
  • If Snape takes Harry, he can't have too much authority over Harry

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