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Challenges by Mellow Moon
Summary: After years of nothing but insulting Harry, Snape finally goes too far and says something Harry can't ignore. Harry snaps and starts ranting and venting, getting more than a few things off his chest, whether he originally intended to say them or not.

  • It can take place at Hogwarts or Grimmauld Place, anytime from 5th year onward.
  • The whole thing, starting from the inciting insult, must be witnessed by at least one other person (although not a large group of people), but they must not interfere. One of them should be Professor McGonagall. They should not be seen by Harry or Snape.
  • Must be mentioned in the rant: his treatment at the Dursleys, the line "How exactly can I be just like my father, when I didn't even know my father?!", Harry's opinion of the occlumency 'lessons', and an accusation of Snape being a bully. Not necessarily in that order, and of course other things may be said.
  • Snape's reaction, as well as those of the onlookers, is up to you.
Summary: It turns out that James was Severus' brother/half-brother. Very few know this until Harry sees a copy of his family tree, which he made for a school project, or received from Gringotts. Musts: -Takes place 4th year or after. -Pairings are optional, but Harry/Luna is preferable if there is one for Harry. -Hermione, Neville, and most of the Weasleys should be supportive, while Ron should start out being obstinate and anti-Slytherin. Whether he stays that way or not is up to you. -Severus is initially in denial about the fact that he's related to James and Uncle to his son, but he gets to know Harry and eventually takes over guardianship. -One or both of Severus' parents is still alive and he goes to talk to them after he finds out.
Summary: Write a story inspired by the song 'He Didn't Have To Be' by Brad Paisley.
Summary: Severus dies in the final battle. Harry finds out sometime afterward that they were father and son. He goes to Hogwarts to talk to Severus' portrait (or ghost).
Summary: Crossover with X-Men (preferably movieverse). Harry defeats Voldemort for good at the Department of Mysteries, with the help of a new ability that decides to manifest itself - a mutant ability. Mutants in the wizarding world are rare, and with no one there to teach Harry to control his ability, Dumbledore sends him to his old friend Charles Xavier, who also happens to run a school for mutants. Requirements: 1. For the dual purpose of protecting Harry from the remaining death eaters on the loose, and the furthering of Harry's wizarding education, Dumbledore sends Snape with him (plus a second witch/wizard of your choosing). 2. Although at first disgruntled at leaving his friends, Harry understands the importance of learning to control this new ability so he doesn't fight the plan. 3. A Harry/Kitty or Harry/Bobby pairing is preferable. Harry, Kitty, and Bobby should become good friends in any case. 4. Snape and Harry's relationship can be however you want it to be in the beginning, as long as Snape is a mentor/father figure in the end. 5. Either there are no horcruxes at all, or they were all destroyed before the battle. Harry is not a horcrux. 6. No character bashing, no effeminate Harry, and no manipulative Dumbledore.
Summary: While reading through his mother's journals from her Hogwarts years, Harry discovers he has a half-brother whose father is Severus Snape. They dated during their 5th year, and she became pregnant. The baby was born the summer before their 6th year, and given up for adoption. Rules: - Takes place a few years after the war. Snape is alive and he and Harry have resolved their differences. Snape is a mentor and father-figure to Harry. - The brother must be a canon character, or a character from another fandom (not an anime or manga). No OCs. - Pairings are optional, but no Harry/Ginny, and no Harry/Draco. - Snape and Harry search for him together. Options/Things to think about: - Does Snape know about his son, and just hasn't told Harry? Or was Lily able to keep it a secret somehow? - Is the brother a wizard or squib? - Does he know he was adopted? Bonus points if the brother is: - Sherlock Holmes (tv series 'Sherlock') - Scott Summers/Cyclops (X-Men) - Xander Harris or Daniel Osbourne/Oz (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Summary: Crossover with BBC's 'Sherlock'. Severus has been de-aged and has to grow up again. Harry takes him in, and decides to get away from the wizarding world for awhile. He and Severus move to muggle London - specifically 221C Baker Street.

Must Haves:
  • Harry is age 20 or older.
  • Sherlock must deduce Harry.
  • Harry chews out Anderson and/or Sally for calling Sherlock a freak.
  • No pairings.
Bonus Points If:
  • Lestrade knew Harry when Harry was a kid. (Possibly in connection with abuse by the Dursleys?)
Summary: 5 times Harry observed something about Snape, and the 1 time Snape did the observing. Can also be the opposite: 5 times Snape observed something about Harry, and the 1 time Harry did the observing.
Summary: Snape did not hate Harry for being James Potter's son, because as Lily's best friend, he was one of the few that knew Harry was adopted. He tells Harry, and when both have recovered after the war he helps Harry find his biological family. Possible crossovers: 1. Criminal Minds - Harry was given up by teenage Hotch and Haley who weren't ready to be parents. Story can take place anytime after Haley's death. 2. NCIS - a.) Tim's (or Tony's) ex from years ago had Harry and gave him up without telling him she was pregnant. OR b.) Sarah wasn't Tim's only sibling; he also had a younger brother who was kidnapped as a baby. In the process of looking for his family, they discover Harry's adoption was illegal (unbeknownst to James and Lily) and track down the McGees. Musts for both options: Team has a family dynamic, and gen only for NCIS - no romance between team members. 3. Castle - Rick Castle's ex-wife (not Alexis' mom) left him and didn't find out she was pregnant til afterward. She was angry with Castle, and since she didn't want kids anyway, she gave up Harry without telling him about the pregnancy. Bonus points if Martha knows something and doesn't say anything either. 4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Rupert Giles committed a few indiscretions in his youth, one of which (unbeknownst to him) resulted in a child. His father found out, however. He was determined that nothing affect his son's future as a Watcher, and so he used his considerable influence to take care of things quickly and quietly. 5. Charmed - Harry is Paige's twin brother. Musts: - Romance is optional, but no Harry/Draco and no Harry/Ginny. - Minimal angst, except for typical teenage stuff.
Summary: Someone slips Harry a potion that has long-lasting or irreversible, life-changing effects.

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