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Hey everybody! ^^ I'm a 17 year old beginner writer, so my stories may not be as good as some of the others here, but I do try. 

With all that is going on in my life right now I dont have much time to go on the computer. I'm sorry if my story isnt getting updated fast enough for you but I have too much stuff going on. Plus my computer decided to be a derp and not let me on the Internet so I cant write or update from that computer instead I have to use my Grandmother's old laptop.  

 I'm trying as hard as I can to update, so please be patient.  Thank you, and please enjoy my stories and review! :)


I know my name says SammySnapeWolf, but please just call me Sam. I created this pinname when I was younger, and now I really want to chang it, but I can't on this website.  Thank you! 



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Summary: Snape gets Memory Loss by a potion, and Harry is put to the task of taking care of him until he gets his memories back. Can take place anywhere from his Fifth year to when he is grown. Must have visits from friends, enemies, and other teachers. Ignores HBP/OOTP/

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