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About me:

A few things about myself:    

   1) I am Canadian (cough ... and proud of it)

    2) I absolutely love the readers on this site, and hearing their thoughts/questions either by reviews or messaging makes me simply dance. 

   3) I have a pet newt. He is so old it's not even funny. Yeah, 14 yrs. Pet store said 3. Good thing I like him. 

   4) Lastly: I got into writing fanfiction here for two reasons.

           A) The first is that I love to write. And not only that, I wanted to learn to write.

           B) Potions and Snitches is a great place for learning.

     Thus - I've made a lot of mistakes writing, but because of how  awesome the reviewers are, I've learned from those mistakes and gotten better. The kindness of the readers has kept me coming back time and time again, and really helped me improve my writing. At this point I'm now working on an original novel, meaning fanfiction has taken a back seat. That was always the goal, and I hope one day to take my writing somewhere besides just the internet and my friends' bookshelves. 

     Well, that's all folks!

    - Whitetail


 P.S. I am on fanfiction.net, but my pen name is LittleWhitetail, rather than Whitetail. 

  Current Project: Jan 1st 2016 update - Writing is going quite well. Still taking a break from fanfiction. Not promising any new P&S stories, but it isn't impossible. My original novel is slow but progressing, and is into some of the final drafts. Had some success in the past year - got a short story published! If you'd like to read the story, check out Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Possible. The story is called "The Pivotal Moment". Also, on a fanfiction note, I still read reviews (but am slow to answer). Also, feel free to message me - questions, concerns, anything. I do love hearing from people here. Cheers! 


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Series by Whitetail

Series Summary: There is a kind of magic that can travel through the years, and sometimes, it comes as a summons for a hero, or in this case, two. Harry Potter and Severus Snape may not see themselves as heroes, but after travelling back in time to the early 1600s by accident, they must learn to be the heroes that the people of the era so desperately need. Along the way they meet people who will change their lives, and learn to work together and become comrades.
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Series Summary:

In the magical world, Father Christmas is real, and delivers gifts to children who otherwise would not get one every year. Harry and Severus were once among these recipients, and it seems as though Father Christmas wants a favour in return.

  One request by the man himself will change Christmas completely. Only, hopefully, if Severus and Harry do their job right, nobody will know!

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Series Summary:

In this life, things can change in a blink of an eye. When Harry and Hermione are de-aged, Severus ends up having to look after them, and because of that one instant in time, nothing will be the same again, not only for himself, but for Hermione, Harry, and even Draco Malfoy. In this three part series, join them as they learn what it means to be a part of a family, and discover how to battle life's hardships together, as one.



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