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Summary: At the end of GoF, Harry is sent home for a very specific reason – it is time for the secrets of Harry’s past to end, for a new journey to begin and for old friendships to be tested, new friendships to be formed. And, as always, Dumbledore is right, only through friendship, trust and love will the treat of Voldemort be ended.

Takes Place: 5th summer Chapters: 39
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Categories: Parental Snape > Biological Father Snape > Severitus Challenge Genres: Drama, General
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Published: 02 Feb 2005 - Updated: 05 Nov 2005
Story Notes:
Severitus’ Challenge elements:

Severus is Harry’s (biological) father. Remus Lupin returns to Hogwarts Harry must gradually, physically change starting on his birthday.


To my sister, for being patient and being responsible for my general Harry Potter addition – and for reading this story first and giving me feedback.

To Serenity – for being an amazing Beta reader, for not being skittish and telling me what she really thinks. A fan fiction writer’s best friend is a beta reader willing to highlight an entire paragraph and say “Hello! Did we forget to explain something? Cause this makes NO sense!”

And finally

To Severitus – for dreaming up this challenge in the first placed. I had to go and start reading your story, had to go get addicted – now I am writing one myself. GRRRRRR….

Author’s Note:

There are many things in my story that will probably strike you as familiar. Some of the elements are intentional – a kind of shout out to those authors; a thank you for their story. Others are completely unintentional and I can only say that your stories have saturated my brain.

Table of Contents

1. Out of Darkness by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 1] starstarhalf-star (1205 words) Printer

2. The Desolate Path by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (2648 words) Printer

3. A Light In the Dark by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (1980 words) Printer

As always, comments and constructive criticism are appreciated. _Saimhe

4. Reunion by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (2470 words) Printer

5. Pending Revelations by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (1801 words) Printer

6. Revelations by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (1821 words) Printer

7. Greeting What Comes by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (2619 words) Printer

8. One Child's Dream by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (4664 words) Printer

Side note: the song Arabella uses to lull Harry is "Beatiful Boy" by John Lennon.

9. In the Between by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (1676 words) Printer

I want to say thank you to my reviewers. You guys keep me motivated and "honest" and I appreciate it.

10. Greying Skies by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (1287 words) Printer

11. Phoenix in Human Form by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (4131 words) Printer

12. Ghosts of Past and Present by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3822 words) Printer

First, thank you to my beta readers for reading this over! You all are life savers. Second: to my reviewers, who keep me motivated to continue!

Note about the title of last chapter: Phoenix in Human Form - #1 - Arabella is a Healer... beyond what trained Mediwizards can do.. or trained Healers... she has a natural instinct, wandless Magic that allows her to heal. This will be explained more as the story goes. Also.. they are in the HQ or the Order of the Phoenix.

13. Ghosts of Past and Present - Part II by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3468 words) Printer

In Part I we read:

Severus turned his attention back to Arabella and seeing the determined look in her eyes, knew it was useless to fight her. "The pain relieving potion needs to simmer for another hour. The Grief-easing potion should simmer for another four; then will need to be quick-cooled in preparation for the second phase."

"I'll take care of it, I promise."

"Thank you," he said and turned to leave the room. He could hear Harry, Sirius and Remus talking in one of the other rooms as he made his way across the great room to the sleeping chambers on the other side of the complex. With each step, he felt his body and mind grow heavier and was grateful to reach the chamber. Removing the majority of his constricting clothes, he climbed into the bed, hugging a pillow that smelled distinctively of Arabella and succumbed to a deep sleep.

And now on with our story.....

14. Just Harry, Part One by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3141 words) Printer

15. Just Harry, Part Two by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (2380 words) Printer

Special Thank You's going out to all my reviewers! Your comments have really motivated me.

Previously in "Secret Promise:"

Jumping to his feet, Harry spun around to face Remus, "Tell me, how is talking about being responsible for not only the death of an innocent person but the fact that Voldemort is now a living, breathing person again; how is it supposed to fix the fact that my whole life was a big lie; that I am not the son of a good man like James Potter, but the unwanted son of slimy git of a Death Eater who raped my mother? How will talking about the fact that Arabella was forced to sacrifice her life to look out for her husband's bastard instead of having the life she really wanted? If anything, this past week has proved she doesn't really want to be around me, she certainly hasn't made much of an effort, has she? And how will it make me feel better that one of my best friend's blames me for the death of her parents?"

His outburst had started in a harsh but even tone and ended in full-blown yell. Turning on his heels, he stormed from the common room, barely registering the shocked and sad expression on Remus' face. When he reached his room, he shoved the door open then slammed it shut behind him. He paced back and forth for a long time, waiting for Remus or Arabella to come barging through the door and give him what-for; on some level he knew his behavior towards Remus was uncalled for, that what he said was not true, especially the part about Snape raping his Mum. Arabella, Sirius and Remus had explained quite a bit about what happened to him, he knew the general story behind it all. At the moment, however, he was just too angry to think clearly.

Eventually it became obvious that no one was coming. Dropping down on his bed, he stared at the ground for a few moments, trying to force his mind to clear, to stop thinking about everything and anything. It just hurt too damn much. He wished he could just go to sleep, wake up and realize it was all just another bad dream. With a sigh, he began stripping down to his briefs and climbed under the covers, not caring that his dirty clothes were strewn on the floor beside the bed. He triggered the old spell that controlled the lights and let the blackness encompass the room. Punching his pillow a few times, he curled up and closed his eyes, praying for the blissfulness of undisturbed sleep.

16. First Steps by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 1] (4839 words) Printer

17. Look to the Past by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3394 words) Printer

18. Wing and a Prayer by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (2445 words) Printer

19. Harry's Unlikely Heroine by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3417 words) Printer

20. The Plan by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3431 words) Printer

Again, many thanks go to my Beta for this chapter -- Indarae.

21. Darrius and Livia, Mared and Taliesin by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (4695 words) Printer

22. Sons and Daughters by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (3539 words) Printer

23. Family by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (4522 words) Printer

Major Thanks to my reviewers!

24. Family, part 2 by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (2007 words) Printer

Thank you all for the reveiws! I love getting reveiws!!

25. New Year, New Family, New Life by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3276 words) Printer

As always, many many thanks to my wonderful reviews - I love hearing from all of you!

26. New Year, New Family, New Life Part II by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (2067 words) Printer

I am thinking of creating a "book" from this story - formating and saving it as a pdf that can be printed like a book and bound. I was planning on doing it just for me, but thought since I am doing it - if anyone is interested, I might post it to my website for download. If you are interested, you can let me know at gigi@fanfiction.net or in the reviews.

Dedication of this chapter is to my reviewers for their continued support.

27. New Year, New Family, New Life Part III by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3144 words) Printer

First.. thank you to my new beta (who just sent me the chapter that follows this one all nicely beta’d for me!! Ahzure.. you are life saver!) And to my reviews… ever the source of motivation!!

28. Starting Over by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3848 words) Printer

To all my reviewers – thank you.

Key: //translation of text//

29. Do Over ­- Arabella by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3221 words) Printer

30. Do Over – Remus by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3096 words) Printer

An outline of what has happened so far. I think a quick read of that will help you place the time frame and know what's going on.

The TimeLine

Chapter 1 – November 1981 - shortly after Voldemort kills Lily and James and Harry is sent to the Dursleys. Arabella is preparing to disappear.

Chapter 2 - Several months later – Remus gets a letter from Bella

Chapter 3 – One year later – Severus finds the note from Arabella and his wedding ring.

Chapter 4 - NOW - Starts the day after the 3rd task and goes up until Harry's birthday. Harry discovers his who his true father is, Hermione's parents die, "Harry" is removed from the wizarding world. Arabella takes custody, with Severus. They de-age Harry and Hermione and place spells on them both (similar to what was done when Harry was a baby). Arabella and Dumbledore open up a gateway in time that allows Arabella, Severus, Sirius, Remus and the babies (aka Harry and Hermione) to go back in time one year. Over that year, Harry and Hermione will re-growup to imbed the spells into their cellular structure.

31. Do Over – Sirius by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (4884 words) Printer

FYI - Harry and Co. only stepped back in time one year. Harry and Hermione are growing at a very excelerated rate. They will be 11 by August 1 (aka, when they get back to "real" as in not repeated time. They will age at 1 year for 1every week. They will physically be 14 when school resumes with one more week of accelerated growth - for anything else, you will have to read to find out.

32. Do Over – Severus by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (3773 words) Printer

Author's Note - and a short one - first, thank you all for your patience and continued support. I am often humbled by your comments and appreciation. Makes me feel awfully guilty about not posting as often as I would wish. I hope you will stick with me and the story as I try to find a bit of time-balance in my life - I added a promise to a) work out daily - even if only for 30 minutes and b) get to the bottom of my work "to do" list before I take vacation at the end of July.

33. Moving Forward by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (4353 words) Printer

34. Cursed Blessings by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (2474 words) Printer

Thank you for my reviewers for your kind words and support. Each review supurns me on and helps me keep writing.

35. Quiet Storm by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (6679 words) Printer

36. Everything Old That’s New Again by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (4016 words) Printer

Please note, this chapter has not been beta'd - as I don't currently have a beta reader at my disposal. So if you see any mistakes, let me know. Can't guarantee i will correct this version, but I will correct my final copies for when I post this story on my own website.

I want to thank all my reviewers for their comments and encouragement. It means a lot to me and is a great source of motivation. If you want, you are welcome to sign up for an update newsletter I started on my website: http://www.avalon.saimhe.net.

37. Rose Colored Glasses Under Foot by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 0] (2193 words) Printer

38. Waiting for Night Fall by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 1] (3042 words) Printer

39. Of Sleeping Dogs by SaimheofAvalon [Reviews - 8] starstarstarstarstar (2953 words) Printer

To be continued...
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