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Summary: Harry’s life at the Dursleys is bad enough that his magic is so used to keeping him alive that when he gets to Hogwarts his magic is noticeably weaker than other students, or completely ineffective. Harry is considered a disappointment and a freak by many people who had thought he would be a hero and powerful because he ‘vanquished’ Voldemort. Snape never had any illusions about Harry being a hero and thus is in a unique position to realize that the boy’s magic is being almost completely spent on protecting Harry from harm. As Snape confronts his own issues regarding Harry Potter, will he be able to help the first year heal from trauma? Will Harry’s magic ever return to normal?
Summary: Severus gets sick of Harry sneaking around/eavesdropping, so he forces a bell around Harry's neck, or some magical equivalent--not important as long as it makes a noise when he moves. Perhaps also intermittently, randomly, or even constantly. Consider including a safety clause whereby he can stay silent if his life depends on it--but not necessary.
Summary: Takes place a year or two before Hogwarts. Dudley commits some type of crime (like shoplifting or more serious) and when the police comes knocking they blame it on Harry. Wizarding child services get word of it and with case supervisor Umbridge removes the unruly, no hope for rehabilitation child to a detention facility for the worst of the worst (not a nice place. The extent of abuse or not is up to you) Dumbledore eventually gets word and appoints Snape as an unwilling, yet suitable guardian for Harry. After months pass he is allowed to be released and go live with Snape with the condition that Umbridge makes weekly visits to monitor progress. She is a viscous and intolerable as always and make every effort to sabotage the forming of any type of relationship between the troubled boy and stern potions master.
Summary: Someone steals all the jewels from the House hourglasses and Harry is the main suspect.
Summary: A Weasley child is the child who lived, and Harry is just Harry.

Harry's parents can be alive or dead, but Snape must feature prominently.
Summary: Somehow, through some kind of accident, Harry and Snape are magically bound so they cannot be more than, say, twenty feet apart (distance can be adjusted at the author's discretion).

Obviously this will cause a few problems if Voldemort is summoning Snape to Death Eater meetings.

Can be during any of the first six books.

Must have:
- The two arguing a lot
- A disastrous attempt for Harry to play Quidditch with Snape tailing him
- Dumbledore predicting that the two will have killed each other within a week
- Some kind of eventual resolution between them before the bond is broken
- One finding out something unexpected about the other (unexpected for readers as well, i.e. not typical for stories on this site, though you could have some of those revelations as well if you want)

Can't have:
- Manipulative/not very nice Dumbledore
- no slash

In most fanfics, Snape always goes on and on about Harry being just like his father, consented by Dumbledore, and has no regard for others' well being...

What if all of that were true?


  • Harry is a ruthless prankster, and gains lots of enemies, and a few allies.
  • Snape eventually realizes that Harry's attitude towards people is a self-defense mechanism. (Similar to Snape's, actually. "Make everyone hate me, so that I won't be hurt if they love me and leave me.")
  • Dumbledore consents Harry's behavior. But Snape and the other teachers don't.
  • Your job is to come up with a plausible reason for them to end up as adoptive father and son.


Harry's enemies and allies must be within the student body, and only CANON characters. No OCs accepted.

Summary: What if Harry Potter was just like Hermione? Brainy, bossy, and a Know-It-All. He'd rather read a book, Potions, Transfiguration, Charms, and Herbology magazines, than go on any kind of adventure. How would Snape react to him, how would the Gryffindor's react to their savior being a Know-It-All who is demanding them to do their homework, hates Quidditch, loves the Library, and later on tries to free House Elves because he believes that they're enslaved. Harry and Hermione friendship is a must in this story, along with Gryffindor trouble, and Dumbledore attempting to put Harry's life in danger.
Summary: Severus is Harry's bio dad and had a relationship with Lily. Severus does something that Harry considers incredible or cool in a fight or battle situation and says, "I thought you were teacher?" Severus answers, "Part time." At some point Severus uses the phrase, "That was before I found out I'm your father!"

Yeah, I was watching Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull lol
Summary: James and Severus are best friends... and Severus is Lily's brother...On the Halloween night (when Harry is one) Lily dies trying to save Harry but James survives... Severus and James take care of Harry together..
  • Lily can be a Snape or Severus can be an Evans
  • James, Severus and Lily were in same house at school
  • James is unable to take care of Harry for some period of time (minimum of 1 year)
  • Harry lives with his Uncle Severus
  • Sirius and Remus can be a part of their life... or not.

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