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Hey guys, Sam here!  


-My name is Sam, and I would appreciate it if you referred to me by that name.

-I am a Hufflepuff and Thunderbird (offically sorted) and my Patronus is a Mastiff Dog

-I absolutely love writing. It's one of my escapes along with music

-I am currently in college for animation

-I also plan on creating my own comic book and publishing it (WIP as of now) 

-I am a very slow writer. I plan out each story chapter by chapter (or try to) then I write it all out at once. If I don't like the way a story is going, it normally results in multiple do-overs, which makes updating constantly on a schedule very difficult. 

-My Archiveofourown name is Shezza_Cumberbatch and my Tumblr is that-one-new-pokemon.  

-Thanks to the lovely starangel2106, my username has been officially changed. I used to be SamuelWinchester, so don't be confused why I'm suddenly not on the author's page anymore under that name. Just head on over to the T's instead. =)


I am fully aware that Another Life Lead and Wings of Sun have taken ages to update. The reason for that is I have completely lost interest in the stories and thier plots. So for now, consider them on hold until further notice. 

With Another Life Lead, I had published it earlier than intended due to a preview error and since you all liked what I published, I went ahead and posted the rest of what I had written at that time. Now, I have completely forgotten what I was going to write for the rest of the story. Until I can remember and compltely finish, there will be no update. It will take a lot of time, perhaps years, but I hope you can wait just a bit longer. 

With Wings of Sun, I absolutely hate what I have written. I still love the concept and challenge that Mellow Moon has written, but I hate how I wrote it out and how I responded to the challenge. Due to long times between updates and poor planning on my part, I have forgotten what the original plot was, so I just wrote down whatever came into my head, resulting in the jumbled mess I have now. So, what I am going to do is completely rewrite the story, with a whole new plot. The new story will be called Birds of a Feather and will take some time to write. As of now, it is still in the beginning stages of planning and will take a lot of time to finish. I will keep up Wings of Sun, so you can continue to read it at your leisure, just dont expect any updates. 


I also have a few stories that have been running around in my head for quite a while. For some, I've begun writing, while for others, I'm still planning out chapters and finishing the plot before writing. Im going to go ahead and put the summaries and tags here below, just so you know what to expect and what to look forward to. It may take a long time, but I will get these stories out!


Upcoming Stories: (In no particular order)


Plague War: Set during Fifth Year: When Harry thought about it, he always thought the end of the world would end in fire and brimstone and chaos. He never thought it would end with Voldemort's reign. He always thought they would beat him, that any chance Voldemort had at taking down the Wizarding World would end in failure. He thought wrong. Voldemort sent a sign, and he's coming back with a powerful weapon. Soon. Now, with only three months until the inevitable, Harry, Ron, Hermione, their ever friendly Potions Master, and an unlikely ally must find all of the Horcruxes and deafeat Voldemort before it is too late. (WIP STARTED WRITING BUT UNFINISHED)(Genre: Action/Adventure. Tags: Alternate Universe)


Order for Two: Set in the summer before Fifth Year: Response to Summer Job challenge by njjj: When Vernon loses his job, the Dursleys and Harry move to a cheaper location in order to continue to afford living. To help pay bills, Harry gets a part-time job as a waiter at their new local restaurant and is very surprised when one day while working he comes face to face with his irate Potions professor. Now, not only does Harry have to survive the summer with his family, he now also has to try and keep one of his darkest secrets from his new neighbor. (STILL IN BEGINNING STAGES OF WRITING)(Genre: Family, Drama. Tags: Snape-meets-Dursleys)


Black Lion: Set during Fifth Year: There are other kinds of Weres besides Werewolves. It's just Harry's luck he has to find out the hard way. (STILL IN BEGINNING STAGES OF WRITING)(Genre: Drama, Hurt/Comfort. Tags: Creature!fic)


His Name Is Harry: Set during First Year: Harry Potter is not what everyone expects. Petunia expects a well-behaved neice who dresses in skirts and doesn't talk back. The Wizarding World expects Harriet Potter, a classy, regal girl who lives up to The-Girl-Who-Lived title. When Harry shows up at Hogwarts, scruffy, temperamental, and demanding to be called a boy, nobody knows what to do with "her". That is, until a certain Potions Master steps in, and suddenly Harry's life takes a sharp turn in a better direction. Transgender!Harry. (STILL IN BEGINNING STAGES OF WRITING) (Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Family. Tags: Alternate Universe, Girl!Harry) 


The New Snape on the Block: Set during Summer before Fifth Year, During Fifth Year: Response to Snape Twin challenge by JAWorley and Uncle Snape challenge by That_One_New_PokemonWhen a man moves in a house down the road from Privet Drive the summer before his fifth year, Harry is shocked to learn it is Snape. But not just any Snape. Septimus Snape, Severus Snape's older twin brother, is the new Muggle Studies professor and newest resident on the block. Much to the Potion Master's dismay, Harry winds up forming a friendship with the new teacher, and he makes his displeasure known. But when the whirlwind of fifth year, Umbridge, and trying to keep the Dursley's treatment away from Septimus begin to take its toll, the two Snapes must come together and help Harry before it is too late. (STILL IN BEGINNING STAGES OF WRITING) (Genre: Family, Hurt/Comfort, Drama. Tags: Adoption, Sibling Addition, Snape-Meets-Dursleys)


The Lupin Safe Home for Abused Werewolves: Set pre-Hogwarts: Five years ago, Harry Potter went missing, and was presumed dead by Aurors. No one knew where he had gone, but when the Order stumbles across an underground werewolf fighting ring, they find him, Bitten and made to fight for his captors' amusement. With ten other rescued werewolf pups and a newly Bitten Snape, things are bound to get interesting for poor old Remus. (STILL IN BEGINING STAGES OF WRITING) (Genre: Family, Hurt/Comfort. Tags: Adoption, Creature!fic, Werewolf!Harry, Werewolf!Snape)


Prince of the Black Pearl: Set during First Year: Harry was nothing special. He was just a boy who owned an odd golden necklace and had a special love for the sea. He never imagined that there was a world beyond what he knew. He certainly never imagined he had any part in it. But when Harry goes to Hogwarts, ancient tides raise their heads, and Harry finds out he is more than just a wizard, and that his role is greater than simply The-Boy-Who-Lived. (STILL IN BEGINNING STAGES OF WRITING) (Genre: Family, Fluff.  Tags: Creature!fic, Royalty!Harry, Alternate Universe) 


Blue and Cranberry: Set Summer Before Sixth Year: After Privet Drive was attacked by Death Eaters and Snape found out as a spy, Dumbledore decides that the boys are no longer safe in England. He decides to send them to the United States to stay with the American head of the Order of the Phoenix and his young daughter. De-aged with their names and appearances changed, the now-twin brothers are in for far more than just the thrill of a new location. They have to try and tackle the Texas heat, come to terms with the possibility of new friends and family, and try to survive the start of a brand new school year at the one and only Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. (STILL IN BEGINNING STAGES OF WRITING) (Genre: Family, Drama, General. Tags: Child fic, Deaging, Deaged!Harry, Deaged!Snape, Disguised!Harry, Disguised!Snape, New Identity!Harry)


Before Everything: Set before Hogwarts: The year is 1997 and Voldemort has taken over. The Ministry had fallen three months prior, and everyone Harry knew is either dead or on the run from a madman. In a last-ditch effort to stop the war, Harry offers himself to be used in a ritual that would send him back in time to the year 1963 to stop the First War before it even begins. The hunt for Horcruxes was supposed to be his main priority, but somehow in the middle, be gets drawn in to a little family living in a run down street called Spinner's End. He knew his mission was to change the future, but he never expected it would involve becoming a stepfather to one Severus Snape. (WIP BEGAN WRITING BUT UNFINISHED) (Genre: Family, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort. Tags: Alternate Universe, Child fic, New Identity!Harry, Physical Impairment, Time Travel, Gryffindor!Snape.)



That is all I have planned for now. I hope you enjoy the stories that I have written so far and please please please review! It means a lot to hear feedback! =)


*~Sam out~* 

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