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Summary: Petunia and Vernon's marriage has fallen apart, and she's leaving him with Harry and Dudley. For a lack of anywhere else to go and/or to hide from Vernon, she goes to Snape. He is naturally shocked to have the three of them turn up on his doorstep. What happens next is up to the author.

Abuse could be involved but not required. Category and canon placement up to the author. No Dumbledore or Lily or James bashing. AU backstories welcome. No slash.
Summary: Harry is mute. Severus takes care of him,
Summary: Someone (preferably Harry or Severus) is given a poison designed to kill its victim in ten ways at once. Be creative.
Summary: Option 1: All students are sent home for 1st year christmas holidays. The Dursleys, of course, have plans excluding Harry. He is sent over to Mrs. Figg's to spend the holidays there. What they don't know is that she has planned to be gone as well, and none other than the potions master has been given the task to be a live in babysitter to the boy who lived. Will Harry be able to stay out of Severus' way and trouble? At this point he believes that Snape is out to get him too. Option 2: Pretty much the same thing just Pre-Hogwarts. The Dursleys go on holiday and so does Mrs. Figg. Harry is sent over and is greeted by the sour potions master. Will he know anything about taking care of a child younger than Hogwarts age?
Summary: Harry is kidnapped the day he was born (or shortly after) and raised under another identity, so Voldemort (who doesn't know about it) never went after his family. He's been raised not knowing who he is until he comes to Hogwarts.

Sometime during those years, Severus has become his stepfather, either after James died or he and Lily divorced. Younger siblings optional. Severus is also the reason Harry discovers who he is, directly or indirectly.

No James, Dumbledore, Sirius, Ron or Hermione bashing. No slash. Bonus points for creativity with who kidnapped Harry and why. Bonus points for Neville being a main character.
Summary: There is a way to temporarily remove or restrain a person's magic.
Summary: Harry and Sirius already met the night Harry ran away from home. Now friends, Harry continues to see Sirius during the school year - believing he is innocent. Sirius is able to remain undetected there with Harry's help. Everything seems to be going well until a certain Potions Master gets suspicious of Harry's increasingly strange behavior.
Summary: After DH, there are a slew of teenage wizards and witches with incomplete educations and unusually traumatic experiences.

Citing the precarious future health of the wizardkind community, the ministry decides the age of emancipation must be increased to at least 18, and seven full years of Hogwarts education is mandatory, with a possible eighth year being considered.

Already war heroes, the trio, and everyone else in their age group must return home and complete additional years at Hogwarts or else their wands will be snapped, and they will not be allowed to do magic.
Summary: Your story makes mention of mango... That's all... The mango empress has spoken ^_^
Summary: Instead of catching the night bus the summer before his third year Harry gets on the muggle bus instead after grabbing one of Vernon's whiskey bottles on the way out. Never had a drink before he reacts rather badly and gets thrown off the bus.....at Spinner's End.

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