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Summary: September, sixth year. Harry is seriously ill. When Voldemort entered his body at the end of the fifth year, Harry's blood cells are damaged, leaving him with lymphoblastic leukemia.
Obviously Severus Snape will take care of Harry during the treatment, realizing that he is not the Spoiled Golden Boy he believed. Their relationship grows stronger and Severus becomes grow fond to our Harry.
But Harry needs a transplant and who will ever be the most compatible donor?
No, not Dudley. And not Ron or even Neville.
Yes, him, Draco Lucius Malfoy, Slytherin, pureblood.
Draco is actually the one who is closest as a relative to the Potters, via the Black line.
As Harry's distant cousin, it is he who could save his life.
Draco will make the right choice, but the path will be long and difficult, as long as he understands the true meaning of Family: a good father and a brother.

- Harry and Draco will become friends first and then thanks to bone marrow donation, they will become blood brothers (Ron is not really happy with this but will accept it)
- Severus adopts both boys
- NO RELATIONSHIPS (Harry is too focused on his illness and recovery)

Sorry for my bad english, but I am Italian and want to improve my English by reading your stories
Summary: Occlumency brings back Harry's memory of a lullaby his mother used to sing to him.
Summary: Write a crossover with Artemis Fowl, something well thought out and original.

- Plan carefully and be creative!
- Required main characters: Harry, Severus, Artemis, Holly
- Prefer inclusion of Luna, Butler and Julius, but not required
- No slash
- No character bashing

- Severus being called Harry's Butler or close comparison
- Angry exchange between Severus and Julius featuring some creative insults from both sides
- Exchange with Artemis leaving Severus actually speechless
- Severus' secrets being figured out and revealed by Artemis in Harry's hearing
Summary: What if Lily wasn't the only one with magic? What if Petunia was also a witch and went to Hogwarts with Lily and Snape? How would this have affected the way Harry grew up, with another magical person? What of Vernon and Dudley? Were they still around, since Petunia was tolerant of all things freaky? Or did she marry someone else, another wizard?
Summary: There's lots of girl!Harry stories ... hardly any female!Severus ones. So write a female!Severus story. Her personality still has to be recognisable, but with realistic differences.

The name Severa is not compulsory, give her whatever first name you want. No slash. Preferably Remus/Sev but not required. Harry could be female also but would prefer him still a boy. No Dumbledore bashing.
Summary: Harry looks like Lily instead of looking like James. I'd like to see Snape's reaction and subsequent treatment of Harry. Please, no girl!Harry
Summary: Somewhat Hunger Games inspired. Each contestant is assigned a mentor that has successfully completed the challenge. Snape is the only one from Hogwarts that has and is assigned to mentor Harry and Cedric. Chances of death may be a little higher than in cannon and tasks can be altered.
Summary: Petunia and Vernon's marriage has fallen apart, and she's leaving him with Harry and Dudley. For a lack of anywhere else to go and/or to hide from Vernon, she goes to Snape. He is naturally shocked to have the three of them turn up on his doorstep. What happens next is up to the author.

Abuse could be involved but not required. Category and canon placement up to the author. No Dumbledore or Lily or James bashing. AU backstories welcome. No slash.
Summary: Harry is mute. Severus takes care of him,
Summary: Someone (preferably Harry or Severus) is given a poison designed to kill its victim in ten ways at once. Be creative.

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