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Summary: A pre-Hogwarts Harry Potter is unhappy at his relatives house and keeps running away. So far Dumbledore has sent Lupin or a nice witch from family services to retrieve him, but to no use. Stronger measures are needed for Harry to stay put and he decides to enlist Severus' services to scare the boy into staying put. Once Severus retrieves the boy they are forced to spend a certain amount of time together before it is possible to return him to Privet Drive. Will Severus notice that something is not right in the boy's home? What will Dumbledore do if his plan fails?
Summary: After death Harry is reunited with his parents, but since all three had the mutual dying wish of Harry growing up with them he ends up small again to fulfill the wish. Harry isn't the only one deaged though, Snape is too, and Harry's parents are given the additional task to look after a deaged Snape as well.
Summary: *OC required* Snape somehow acquires guardianship of Harry at the beginning of first year. He is quite unwilling to take on the responsibility and tries to distance himself from his ward as much as possible. Reluctantly he meets with Harry once a month (outside of classes) in his office to access his needs and discipline. These meeting are meant to be tense. Snape is forced to take Harry with him home over one of the holidays (could be as soon as christmas, but also easter or the summer to give them a little more time). This is where the OC comes into play..Snape has a wife and is not happy to share her and his house with Harry. I picture quite a tense story with slow progress towards a good relationship. How Snape gets guardianship in the first place is up to you. Snape's wife can be nice or she can be a bit mean but hopefully grows fond of Harry. I also picture a Harry that is a bit more affected from life with his relatives and is unfamiliar with normal family dynamics. And it can be boy or girl who lived.
Summary: A teacher (or other member of staff) at Hogwarts is hiding a Dark side. He or she has ambitions to take Voldemort's place as Dark Lord/Lady.

Has to be a canon teacher, but NOT Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, or an already evil character like Quirrell.

Harry is involved in their plan somehow (whether or not he knows it). Snape is either involved too, or discovers the plan.

Bonus for:
- a really unlikely candidate
- Harry and Snape being the only ones who can stop him/her
- it bringing them together
- them having to prioritise between stopping Voldemort and stopping the rival by deciding who is the greater threat
- they make the wrong decision
- another prophecy (or more) confusing the issue.
Summary: The Room of Requirements can create anything a person needs. If Harry requires parents, would the room provide them?
Summary: History didn't play out like it did in the stories. Lily and James survived and Harry grew up with them. Somebody else's parents died though. And when they get to Hogwarts, Snape ends up looking after this other person. Who is it? Ron? Draco? Neville? Someone else we know well? Here's the big challenge. How does Harry play into all of this? Is he a bully? Is he the person's friend? Does Snape still hate James and therefore Harry or did Snape end up becoming something of a family friend? We've seen tons of Snape adopts or takes care of Harry stories. Now I want to see something different, but obviously with Harry still involved in a big way. What can you come up with? No slash.
Summary: Harry Potter's children are at Hogwarts and the staff find it uncomfortable, and difficult to discipline the rambunctious children of the Chosen One. When Harry becomes deaged and must learn magic again, the staff are too intimidated to discipline and reign in the famous slayer of Voldemort on top of his out of control kids.

But there is one person who was never impressed with Harry's fame and wouldn't be now - Severus Snape.

The Unspeakables have powerful, unknown magic that they use to bring the Potions Professor Headmaster back from the dead for the greater good. His very important mission: keep the very powerful Potter children from going down the wrong path of becoming Dark Lords. Your choice if Ginny Weasley is in the story.
Summary: Somehow Harry and Ron both end up in Ravenclaw. You decide how that happens and what the implications of that are. One track you might take is that Harry and Ron have a pre-established friendship (for however long) and even though Ron wants to be in Gryffindor, when Harry gets sorted into Ravenclaw (you decide why), Ron begs the sorting hat to sort him there too. Or maybe Ron wants to prove that he's not stupid like his brothers say he is so he asks for Ravenclaw. Now Ron has a problem... his family thinks he's extra smart and studious, the twins think he's a traitor for not being in Gryffindor, and Ron feels like he's made a huge mistake but doesn't know what to do about it.

What about Harry? Why was he sorted into Ravenclaw? Harry knows Ron shouldn't be there, but he's glad that his friend is there because Harry is lonely and feels out of place wherever he goes because of the Dursleys and how they've raised him.

This must be a non-slash story.

Would somehow like to see Draco involved in this story. Did he somehow do something foolish during the sorting also and get into the wrong house? Would be fun to see him in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw and feeling out of place, but if he's still in Slytherin that's cool too.

Ok now for Snape's involvement. That's up to you to decide. Maybe one of the boys goes to him about being placed in the wrong house. Maybe he sees that Harry feels out of place or sees that something seems to be wrong with several of the first years including Harry, Ron and Draco? Or maybe Snape is a total arse in this story. It's all really up to you.
Summary: I've seen a lot of stories where Harry is hurt or sick and to save his life Snape must become his father. For this challenge, Snape is the one who is sick or injured or in trouble, and Harry gives his permission to Dumbledore (though reluctantly) for Snape to become his father so that they can save his life (take magic or blood or whatever from Harry to give it to Snape... make it up). Snape was unconscious or not there when the decision was made, and after his life is saved he finds out it's due to Harry and that Harry is now his son. Snape - is - LIVID! What will happen? That's up to you, this is just the beginning premise. Have fun with it.

I would prefer that this is with Harry still at Hogwarts, probably between 2nd-5th year... there has to already be a history of animosity between them but Harry still must be young enough to need a parent or feel like he would like one.
Summary: Snape survives the Deathly Hallows, but forgets how to do magic. With Harry teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts, how are things going to turn out?

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