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Sequel Challenge by JAWorley
Summary: This one is simple. Write a sequel to one of your stories that you had not planned on writing a sequel to. You may only respond to this challenge once, so make it a good sequel!

The Potioneer’s Society - a name that conjures images of prestige, brilliance, and fame. But beneath its shining complexion lies something sinister. Evelyn, having fled from the witch hunters to London, has uncovered what very few within the Potioneer’s Society even know: Being brewed in secret within its hallowed halls is a potion that will spell disaster for the Wizarding race should it ever fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the wrong hands are the ones brewing it. With nobody to turn to, she calls Severus Snape and Harry Potter back in time once more, to the year 1613. A daring plan arises immediately, but with only fourteen days to accomplish the break-in of the 17th century, they soon realize that the enemy has everything to gain, and they have everything to lose.

Takes Place: 1st Year - Snape flavour: Kind Snape
Tags: Time Travel
Categories: Snape Equal Status to Harry > Comrades Snape and Harry
Rated: T - Warnings: Character Death, Romance/Het, Violence
Chapters: 20 - Completed: Yes - Updated: 02 Jan 2013 / 01 Sep 2012
Series: 1612 - Challenges: Sequel Challenge

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