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Summary: When Argus Filch first met Harry, he sympathised with the young wizard who showed all signs of having no remarkable magic at all. In fact, the squib could relate to the boy and therefore decided to help him. Together, the two unmagical pair work at Hogwarts where the young orphaned boy will become intrigued by a certain Potions Professor who works there.

Rated: K+
Warnings: Neglect
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Published: 17 Feb 2012 - Updated: 21 Aug 2013
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1. A Wizard Without Magic by watercrystals [Reviews - 14] starstarstarstarhalf-star (4910 words) Printer

Argus Filch is one of my favourite characters, therefore I am so pleased to finally have a story where I can really write him. I pictured Harry mopping floors during a day of 1st year classes and spotting Snape, being intrigued by him - and this fic was born. I figured, if Snape can see cruel yet underneath have a more emotional side than we know, why can't Filch also not be he appears?
I am still working out my own style of writing Filch, so this is a learning process. Any feedback you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. This story will likely start out as an AU Harry/Snape mentor fic, which may evolve into more than just that as the story goes along.

2. Hard Lessons to Learn by watercrystals [Reviews - 11] starstarstarstarstar (7142 words) Printer

Though it's a re-occurring theme for now, I wanted to focus a bit more on the consequences his upbringing with the Dursleys have on Harry and his ability to adjust to his new life. I wanted to explore this topic more than I had before, which is why he frequently compares.

To be continued...
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