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Summary: Harry and Snape get caught up in an attempt at revenge, executed by a magically altered pack of werewolves with a vendetta against You Know Who.

Entry in the 2012 Prompt Fest. Prompts: It fell from his grasp and shattered; howl.

Takes Place: 1st Year Chapters: 7
Snape flavour: Stern Snape Completed: Yes
Categories: Teacher Snape > Professor Snape, Fic Fests > #14 Prompt Fest 2012 Genres: Action/Adventure
Tags: Creature!fic, Kidnapped Word count: 18149
Main Characters: .Snape and Harry (required) Read: 12604
Rated: T
Warnings: Character Death, Violence
Series: None
Challenges: None
Published: 20 May 2012 - Updated: 20 May 2012
Story Notes:

This story is fairly dark, and is meant to have a bit of a chill factor to it. Therefore, if you're looking for something overly fuzzy and sweet, look elsewhere. But if you want action, danger, and suspense, you've come to the right place!

 And, a thank you to my Beta, Sita Z. She did a lovely job, and any mistakes left are quite likely all my fault! ;)  Enjoy the story!


Table of Contents

1. Gleaming Eyes by Whitetail [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1566 words) Printer

2. Shadows by Whitetail [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1969 words) Printer

3. The Broken Lantern by Whitetail [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3376 words) Printer

4. Missing by Whitetail [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3609 words) Printer

5. Full Moon Rising (Part 1) by Whitetail [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3073 words) Printer

6. Full Moon Rising (Part 2) by Whitetail [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (3418 words) Printer

7. Nights of the Darkest Kind by Whitetail [Reviews - 17] starstarstarstarstar (1138 words) Printer

The End.
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