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Summary: Set the summer after the Order of the Phoenix; only Sirius did not die. Harry is forced to stay with Snape for the summer, as Grimmauld Place is unsuitable. Sh** gets real when Harry finds 3 letters addressed from his mother. Who are the letters for and what do they contain? Having the chance for real family, who will Harry pic? Dungeon bat or dogfather? READ TO FIND OUT! :)

Rated: K+
Warnings: Profanity
Series: None
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Published: 18 Jan 2018 - Updated: 04 Dec 2018
Table of Contents

1. Chapter 1: Prologue by Ghostwolfsbane [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (251 words) Printer

2. Chapter 2: You come, only to go by Ghostwolfsbane [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (2371 words) Printer

3. Chapter 3: Summer, Where am I? by Ghostwolfsbane [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (4115 words) Printer

4. Chapter 4: Surprise, surprise, he's escaped by Ghostwolfsbane [Reviews - 0] (3568 words) Printer

5. Chapter 5: Not 1, not 2, but 3 letters by Ghostwolfsbane [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (5450 words) Printer

Hey guys, hope you all had a lovely week. Sorry for the late update, I start Uni again in 5 days; so busy times!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this new chapter and don't forget to comment and follow the story :)

6. Chapter 6: Welcome Home by Ghostwolfsbane [Reviews - 0] (2707 words) Printer

Hi guys, sorry for the late update. Had a little bit of writers block, anyways I have a clear timeline now, so I should update more regularly. Anyways, I know this is a short chapter, I'm already half way through chapter 7 and should be finished in a day or two.

Happy readings!

7. Chapter 7: Memories lost, and memories found by Ghostwolfsbane [Reviews - 1] (3720 words) Printer

Hey guys, sorry for not updating sooner. I had some trouble with google docs, and I couldn't open my files. But without cra**** on too much longer, here it is.

Happy readings!

8. Chapter 8: Family Bonding Time by Ghostwolfsbane [Reviews - 0] (2706 words) Printer

Hey Guys, sorry for the slow update. Just finished a hectic year at University. Considering it's the holidays, i'm making this my mission to finish this story.

To be continued...
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