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Author's Chapter Notes:
This story takes place when Draco was a very little boy, about 6 months old.
Chapter 1
Severus sat in the sitting room with Remus and Draco. Their six month old child was already walking and talking, a prodigy in their eyes. The reason he called his husband and son down here is because he had a big surprise to tell them.

"So, Sev," Remus intoned with a slight smirk while holding a bouncing Draco on his lap. "what's the surprise?"

Severus walked in front of the two, waved his wand and muttered a 'Finite Incantatum'.

The spell set in to reveal a slight bulge in Severus' abdomen.

"I'm pregnant, Remus. Our little dragon is going to be a big brother," the dour man answered with a smile, green eyes shining with excitement and love.

Remus immediately started laughing while Draco squealed in excitement. "Baby?" the toddler asked, looking at his mom.

Severus scooped up the child and tickled his tummy. "Yes, my little star. Mummy is having another baby."

It was that moment that Lucius and Narcissa decided to enter with Marvolo in tow.

"Who's having another baby?" Narcissa asked the trio.

"We are, Cissy. As for how far along I am, just over four months. Or, approximately five months," Severus answered.

Narcissa squealed and ran over to Severus. "Congratulations, Severus," the Malfoy Matriarch congratulated her friend.

"Thank you," Severus answered. Then, he felt a kick in his stomach. "Looks like this little one is starting to get a little hyper,"

Draco slid out of his dad's lap and toddled over to his mom, who kneeled onto the floor and placed his hand over the bump. Severus smiled at the child and rubbed his stomach with his free hand.

Draco's eyes lit up when he felt the baby kick his hand. He leaned onto Severus' baby bump and asked innocently, "Baby sister coming, Mummy?"

Severus's POV

I couldn't help but smile at Draco. He always did get lonely when none of us were around or with just the house elves. Remus and I could tell that he wanted a sibling, but there's been much to do.

Now, we have a little one on the way who will have a wonderful big brother to guide him/her through life. Both of them to be best friends. I first found out that I was pregnant when Draco was about two months old, but I wanted to keep it a surprise.

As for what the gender is going to be, I have a feeling that it's going to be a little girl. I just know it.


Draco was very excited to be a big brother, he didn't like being an only child. "Big bwother Dwaco, Mummy?" Draco asked Severus, bright green eyes sparkling with curiosity. Severus just smiled and answered the child rubbing at his baby bump. "Yes, sweetie. You're going to be a big brother in the next four months,"

(Let's just say that the next four months of Severus' pregnancy at Ravenclaw Castle are going to be hectic. Good luck everyone! Because you WILL need it...)

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