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So, Astranova has finally entered the world, but this time, she has a surprise that shocks her parents, godparents, and herself.
Chapter 3
It's been four weeks since Astranova's birth, and the family of four was journeying to Malfoy Manor for breakfast. The little infant already had everyone wrapped around her little fingers, including Fenrir Greyback.

Lucius, Marvolo, and Narcissa were in one of the familial parlors when the Floo went off and out of the green flames, Draco toddled out followed by Remus and Severus with baby Astranova in his arms. The four week old infant was dressed in a snow-themed dress with dangly sleeves and a pearl headband. Around her neck was a locket with the Ravenclaw and Prince family crests.

Narcissa immediately ran over to Severus and scooped Astranova out of his arms, much to his amusement. "Well, good morning to you too, Cissy," he drawled out with a slight laugh. His snowy white hair was done up in an elegant ponytail tied up with an icy blue ribbon that had the Ravenclaw crest on it.

Lucius and Marvolo smiled at their brothers in all but blood. "The white hair really suits you, Sev," Lucius complimented, giving him a one-armed hug.

"Thank you, Luc. But the little one that your wife has kidnapped might not get her bottle if she isn't returned to my arms," teased the white-haired wizard.

"Yeah, but Cissy kidnaps everybody, so that's not very surprising." Remus added.

That got a laugh out of everyone. Severus looked at the rising sun and smiled. His family will be okay.

(Two years later....)

A red-haired toddler ran through the halls of Ravenclaw Castle, squealing with laughter. Her green eyes were shining with happiness and mirth. "Dwaco!" Astranova called for her brother as she made it to the sitting room. Waiting for her were her mummy and daddy, Draco, Uncle Lucy, Uncle Marv and Auntie Cissa.

"Mummy! Mummy!" the two year old squealed as she ran over to Severus.

Severus opened up his arms and scooped up his little girl. "Hello there, Starshine. Uncle Marv has someone he wants you to meet. This is Nagini, his familiar."

Nagini was a dark green anaconda snake with black spots and eyes. She flicked her tongue and hissed to the young girl.

~Hello there, child. Your hair is very pretty~ Nagini hissed. She was surprised, as was everyone else in the room when Astranova hissed back.

~Hewwo, Nana. I wike you!~ Astranova hissed to the snake in response.

Then, Marvolo realised that Astranova was the heir that he'd been searching for. "Sev, I've been wanting to name an heir since I am Lord Slytherin-Gaunt. But the goblins said that my heir had to be able to speak Parseltongue," the brunette explained to the Potions Master.

"Well, if you want to name my daughter your heir, Marv, then so be it." Severus answered waving his hand.

Astranova squealed in surprise when Nagini flicked her tongue against her cheek. Remus pressed Severus into his side and looked at his family in content. How his life had gotten so perfect, he'll never know. But he's grateful for everything. He has a wonderful husband, great friends, a bright son, and an adorable daughter. Soon, his little eagles will be starting Hogwarts.

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