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My name is Laura. I'm a fultime college student and I work part time at a doctors office. I started reading the Harry Potter series a couple of years ago (long after it had become popular). Originally, I wasn't going to be dragged into a fad... but then the book was just sitting on the footstood and I was really quite bored. Five books later I was attached (the sixth has since come out, I'm not so sure about that one). My friend Nefla kept sending me links to a fanfic she called AYLNO. I didn't know what that was all about, and kept shrugging her off. It wasn't until she came over and started reading the fic to me, that I finally started reading AYLNO (A Year Like None Other). The story was really quite long (completed now, by Aspen in the Sunlight, go read it if you haven't) and I spent every waking moment finishing the story.. Once I was done, I felt really quite sad, I wanted more...

So I started writing my own story. Harry Potter and the Ferratilis Potion. I'm trying to be creative with it, although it mirrors AYLNO in many ways. It's a Snape adopts Harry fic, (and a Draco will be in there somewhere). My friend Nefla pesteres me daily to write, so I suppose there'd be no fic without her influence. Along the way, I picked up an awesome beta, Sunsethill. She keeps my grammer in tact and my story flowing.

I've also gotten quite interested in kidfics, I find little Harry very cute. I briefly deaged Harry (to a young age) in HP and the F. Potion, but I wanted to do more. So I've just started my second story, A Potions Accident, is going to be a cute little kidfic. All of you who read my first story, never fear, I won't abandon it. This second story is more of my "just for fun" story. Not that both aren't fun... but A Potions Accident will be a lot less formal. I won't worry about technicalities and the plot may be a bit random. Just a bunch of cute little kids...

I also wrote a one-shot, Braving Spiders which was my first challenge response... it's an Sevitus.

Ah, and my pet (coming soon as Jan says) is named Petrie. (And he is very cute, trust me...)


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Stories by Arualcopia
At the Dursleys the summer after Sirius' death, Voldemort sends werewolves to attack Harry. Taken to Grimmauld Place by his rescuer, Severus Snape, Harry devises a disastrous plan to rescue Sirius from the veil, resulting in his being transfigured into a baby. Snape is the only one who can brew the potion to restore him, and is the only one to realize that Harry still retains his 16 year-old-mind. Over the summer and the first two potions which restore him to age eleven, Harry begins to feel that Snape is the only one who understands and can protect him. Is he right or has his deaging muddled his thinking? AU story for 6th year.

Takes Place: 6th summer - Snape flavour: None
Tags: Adoption, Baby fic, Child fic, Deaging
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: None
Chapters: 26 - Completed: No - Updated: 14 Nov 2007 / 15 May 2006
Series: None - Challenges: None
A slight twist to the usual deaging stories. What if the accident created a gas? What if it affected the entire class? How does Snape deal with fifteen toddlers?

Takes Place: 6th summer - Snape flavour: None
Tags: Baby fic, Child fic, Deaging
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: K+ - Warnings: Physical Punishment Spanking
Chapters: 5 - Completed: No - Updated: 05 Sep 2007 / 15 Sep 2006
Series: None - Challenges: None
ONESHOT. Snape discovers some unsettling evidence that drives him to Number 4 Privet drive. What does he discover? Fic fest challenge response... (can be read as cannon, see chapter note).

Takes Place: 0 - Pre Hogwarts (before Harry is 11), 6th summer - Snape flavour: None
Tags: Alternate Universe, Child fic
Categories: Parental Snape > Biological Father Snape
Rated: K+ - Warnings: None
Chapters: 1 - Completed: Yes - Updated: 11 Mar 2007 / 11 Mar 2007
Series: None - Challenges: Bad haircut, pre Philosopher's Stone, Eight Legged Freaks

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