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Hi! I'm 23 and live in on the West Coast, where I happen to like it very much :) I'm exactly 50% Hufflepuff and 50% Ravenclaw, which is a can be an awkward personality to balance, but I manage.
I enjoy doing a lot of things in my spare time (which I don't have a lot of currently), and one of them is writing. As Harry Potter is one of my long-term obsessions, fanfiction writing, well...just kind of happened. I love in-character Snape, hurt/comfort, some well done angst, and basically anything where Severus is realistically forced to face his prejudices. Hope you enjoy! [Report This]
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Stories by ChoicesWeMake
It is late in the evening, but Severus Snape is finally ready to sit back in his chair beside a steaming cup and contemplate. Because Merlin's beard, is there a lot to contemplate. He finally lets himself feel the emotions churning mutedly inside him as he stares into the flames hissing in his hearth. Nothing that happened today is what he expected, and he is not prepared, not at all prepared, for a Potter in his house...

Takes Place: 1st Year - Snape flavour: Angry Snape, Bully Snape, Canon Snape, Stern Snape
Tags: Alternate Universe, Slytherin!Harry
Categories: Teacher Snape > Professor Snape
Rated: K+ - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Bullying, Neglect
Chapters: 9 - Completed: Yes - Updated: 28 Mar 2018 / 31 Jan 2018
Series: None - Challenges: None

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