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Title: Chapter 1: Separation 10 Jun 2010 12:55 am
Reviewer: SnapesLily (Signed) [Report This]
    OMG make me cry! its amazing! :D

    Author's Response: Aww! Thanks so much! Thanks for reading! :D
Title: Chapter 41: Changes 09 Jun 2010 10:41 pm
Reviewer: B00kw0rm92 (Signed) [Report This]
    Oooooooh! Very interesting chapter! (I seriously have no idea how I never saw the last one!) Can't wait to see what happens next!

    Author's Response: You didn't see that last one because it never showed up. :( But thanks!! Glad you liked!! Thanks for the review B00k! :D
Title: Chapter 41: Changes 09 Jun 2010 3:47 pm
Reviewer: silverstargirl (Signed) [Report This]
    Severus being able to apparate within school boundaries will be very useful and help him to protect his son and the other students. I wonder what his little errand will involve?

    I hope that Draco's sudden disenchantment with his father's recent behavior will open up his eyes to the other possibilities that exist. He doesn't HAVE to join Voldemort's ranks if he doesn't want to. That being under Voldemort's thumb changes his father in such unsavory ways makes me wonder if there IS a possibility that ole Snakeface is doing something through the marks to adjust his Deatheaters in subtle ways to make them what he wants them to be....

    Author's Response:

    Ooo! Your mind's really been turning with this, hasn't it? lol But Snape's new little ability will come in handy A LOT now throughout the story, so just keep it in mind for later on. And as for Draco...he's confused. He's been comfused for a while now, but you'll get to see some changes with him as we go along. It should be interesting.

    But thanks so much for readin and reviewin silver!! Hope you liked it!

Title: Chapter 40: Tasks 06 Jun 2010 10:03 am
Reviewer: Bri (Anonymous) [Report This]
    Love, love, love, love,love!!! Please update soon. Mean Cliffie!

    Author's Response: I'm always mean when it comes to cliffies. lol But glad you liked it Bri! :D
Title: Chapter 40: Tasks 03 Jun 2010 1:15 am
Reviewer: TangledPencils (Signed) [Report This]
    Welcome back! lol
    I actually had to go back and re-read the entire story so far, to remember what was happening, but that's ok, it was just as good a read as the first time.
    Glad you updated, please keep the chapters coming.

    Author's Response: lol You're the second one that said they had to re-read, but it's okay. I understand. It's been so long...But yeah. I should be writing more soon. Thanks for reading and reviewing!! ^_^
Title: Chapter 40: Tasks 01 Jun 2010 3:34 am
Reviewer: Fairner (Signed) [Report This]
    noo severus it's a trap! XD
    great to know it's not going to be dropped! :D

    Author's Response: NEVER dropped Fairner! NEVER!!! But glad you enjoyed the update. Thanks for the review!
Title: Chapter 40: Tasks 31 May 2010 7:48 pm
Reviewer: ForgottenEllipses (Signed) [Report This]
    Great to see you back! Although I had to read the story summary and skim the last few chapters again to remember what the heck was going on. lol :P That's what happens when you are reading literally 200 some odd stories all at once...(Yes, I know it's bad but I get too impatient for stories to update.)

    Just a suggestion, if it gets to be some ungodly long time between updates, it would be very helpful if you could put a one or two sentence summary in the author's chapter notes about what happened last chapter. Just so we can get back on track easier after a long break.

    I was also happy to see some Harry/Snape bonding emotional time, no matter how small. Maybe there is more coming? *hint hint* Oh, and I can't wait to see what Nott's doing! Maybe Harry will make some Slytherin friends yet? I'd love to see some friendships built, makes for more drama and angst (which I live and breathe).

    Hope this review lifts your spirits! After actually finishing some chapters of my own writing for the first time and getting it back from my new beta, I now know why all authors beg for reviews...If her praise made me preen that badly, I can imagine what actual reviews would do. LOL! :D

    Keep it up, can't wait for more!

    Author's Response:

    Oh, I know! I NEVER meant to go this long between updates!! *hides face in shame* My schooling and jobs kinda got in the way, huh? But no worries about forgetting. I mixup and forget ALL the time. I'm like you, I like to read like at least ten at a time. ^_^

    But I'm so glad that you liked the update Ellipses...I'm not sure I've ever gotten a review from you, but I really like you name! :D If you have reviewed before, I guess it's been so long since I've updated, that I'VE forgetten people ;_; That's terrible of me.

     But yeah, Nott's going to be fun, just so you know, and there will be LOTS more drama and angst, because I, too, LOVE drama. ^_^ But thanks so much for all the kind words, Ellipses. You're review DID lift my spirits, and you should be happy to know I'm working on the next chappie now. Hope to see more of you around!! :D

Title: Chapter 40: Tasks 30 May 2010 9:45 pm
Reviewer: Pandora (Signed) [Report This]
    Yay!! Great chappie Ivy.

    I missed this story so much, and I'm so glad that you've updated. Are you finished school yet Ivy? Does that mean more updates?

    I'm one to talk, aren't I?

    I'm glad that Severus changed his mind and told Harry why he wanted him to go back to his room after classes.

    I hope that we'll see more of Harry and Severus bonding. It seems as though they've not had much time to get to know one another, with all the pressures of school.

    I'm very curious to know what this little job of Dumbles is.

    Author's Response: Yay!! Thanks for the review Pandora! And yeah, I've finished school, but I have several part time jobs that I have. But I should be able to update quicker now that it's summer. And yeah, Sev and Harry are going to have their problems soon. But there will be more fuzzies coming soon, I'm sure. But you'll see what Dumble's up to soon. Thanks so much for the review, Pandora!! :D
Title: Chapter 40: Tasks 30 May 2010 9:34 am
Reviewer: silverstargirl (Signed) [Report This]
    So Dumbledore is going to send Severus after Slughorn, is he? Or is this just an elaborate plan to get Severus out of the way so that he can get to Harry? All Dumbledore had to do to keep the Heads happy and with him was firing Moody, so this situation really is his own fault. Allowing Moody to remain was and is to the detriment of the students and that is unforgivable.

    Author's Response: Yup. Dumbles thinks he's trying to do the right thing when really he's not really. You'll get to see what happens with Severus and Slughorn later. Thanks for the review silver!
Title: Chapter 39: What's to be Done? 14 May 2010 4:49 am
Reviewer: fishie11 (Signed) [Report This]
    This is really good. I really like the story line. Keep writing.

    Author's Response: Thanks so much! And I am, no worries.

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