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Woah! Alexannah I LOVE your new challenge "Off the Wagon!"
01/19/17 08:54 am [Delete] [Edit]

she posted that late last night...
01/15/17 04:19 am [Delete] [Edit]

Hi everyone. Oh, is it tomorrow night? Wait, tomorrow as in 'Sunday' or tomorrow as in today, because you wrote today's date, but it looks like you posted it today. oh wait, 'London
01/14/17 10:31 pm [Delete] [Edit]

HP and SS tomorrow night at 6-630 EST! (01/14/17) (14/01/17)
01/14/17 03:54 am [Delete] [Edit]

Mellow Moon
Winter can go away now. I'm so over this stupid cold northeast wind.
01/12/17 07:55 pm [Delete] [Edit]

i think i visited every free wifi place in birmingham, al when i didn't have internet. starbucks, panera, barnes&noble, bars, various other coffee shops, friend's houses...
01/12/17 05:55 pm [Delete] [Edit]

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