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Summary: Severus falls back into old habits. Somehow Harry is involved helping him out of them.

Idea 1: After discovering the Dursleys/Umbridge/someone else is/has been hurting Harry, Severus kills them.

Idea 2: Dumbledore lets Severus take the DADA post, but his fears of it bringing back out Severus' dark side are proved correct.

Idea 3: Voldemort discovers Severus is a traitor, but rather than instantly kill him, decides to try and turn his loyalty back.

Idea 4: Dark magic is an addictive substance. Severus has been using some sort of drug to control his cravings, but now there's a problem with the supply.

Or anything else you can think of!

Any category and point in canon goes. No Dumbledore bashing. No slash. No dark!Harry.

Bonus points for a story involving more than one of the ideas. Extra bonus points for one involving all four!
Summary: When Harry delves into the Pensieve during Occlumency, he sees a different memory.
Summary: Harry and/or Severus is turned into a Niffler.
Summary: Take any line and/or quote from a movie or series and write a story from it. Bonus if the line originally came from the Harry Potter series but is used in a very different manner.
Summary: Even after his death Snape can't seem to stop spying.
Summary: Owls are so common in the Wizarding world, what better way to hide than to become one?
Summary: Harry or Snape has an unhealthy obsession. The other helps them overcome it.
Summary: When Harry's letter from Hogwarts came, his relatives decide to drop him off at an orphanage rather than keep a verified Wizard.
Summary: Harry's first year he's the only student sorted into the House - Griffindor/Slytherin/Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw. How does he cope with a whole different spotlight on him? How can Snape watch over him without blowing his cover?
Summary: Harry has an older brother whom the Wizarding world mistakes as the Boy Who Lived. Harry's family go with it to shield Harry from the fame and likely targeting of being the Boy Who Lived, thus enabling him to grow up and fulfill his destiny for the good of the world. James and Lily are still alive and treat both sons the same with the same amount of love. The family and family friends know the truth of who the real Boy Who Lived is and they are protective of Harry.
  • Harry can know the truth or not.
  • Voldemort can remember the truth or not.
  • Would prefer the older brother be enough years older that he remembers that night.
  • Would prefer good Snape, with Snape being Harry's godfather.
  • Would prefer good Malfoys, with Narcissa as Harry's godmother.
  • If the Dursley's make an appearance, would prefer they are good too.
  • Older brother can secretly be Snape's child, or can be James' child.

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