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Finally a TriWriting Update!
Congratulations to all our contestants participating in the TriWizard Writing Challenge!

The winner of Round TWO POLL voting is The Cursed Photograph by Lemon Curd (3 points)!

Second place is A Condition Of Duality by JAWorley (2 points)!

In a tie for third place is A Feather of Hope by Anthezar, and Aftereffect by MagnificentAndStrange (1 point each).


The top NOMINATIONS for Round THREE are:
They will all have their stories featured in a poll to decide 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for Round THREE. Please vote within the next two weeks and then we can tally up the overall winners!

  • Each submitted story is worth 5 points.
  • Each story that was submitted on time will receive a further 1 point.
  • Every story nominated by a reader in a comment for that round will recieve 1 additional point.
  • The top stories of each round will be placed in a poll to vote on for first, second, and third place of that round. First place will recieve 3 points, second place 2 points, and third place 1 point.

Here are Points so far: (submitted + on time + nominated at all + poll placement)
  • 24 for Hopeless Wanderer (Round One 10 points) + (Round Two 5+1+1+0=7) + (Round Three 5+1+1+0=7).
  • 24 for JAWorley (Round One 8 points) + (Round Two 5+1+1+2=9) + (Round Three 5+1+1+?=7).
  • 24 for Lemon Curd (Round One 7 points) + (Round Two 5+1+1+3=10) + (Round Three 5+1+1+0=7).
  • 24 for MagnificentAndStrange (Round One 9 points) + (Round Two 5+1+1+1=8) + (Round Three 5+1+1+?=7).
  • 21 for BlueWater5 (Round One 7 points) + (Round Two 5+1+1+0=7) + (Round Three 5+1+1+?=7).
  • 21 for geminiangel1964 (Round One 7 points) + (Round Two 5+1+1+0=7) + (Round Three 5+1+1+0=7).
  • 21 for hootowl (Round One 7 points) + (Round Two 5+1+1+0=7) + (Round Three 5+1+1+?=7).
  • 15 for Anthezar (Round One 7 points) + (Round Two 5+1+1+1=8) + (Round Three 0+0+0+0=0).
  • 7 for Aliciathewriter (Round One 7 points) + (Round Two 0+0+0+0=0) + (Round Three 0+0+0+0=0).
  • 7 for RitaRevenant (Round One 7 points) + (Round Two 0+0+0+0=0) + (Round Three 0+0+0+0=0).
  • 7 for nnicolexxx (Round One 7 points) + (Round Two 0+0+0+0=0) + (Round Three 0+0+0+0=0).
Comment below with congratulations for the writers, comments on the overall contest, and if there are any corrections in points to be made.
Jan_AQ on 04 Feb 2020 2:47 am [3 Comments]
This was the hardest poll to choose from yet!
- Jan_AQ on 04 Feb 2020 7:25 am
How did I end up with 0 for round 2.  That was my "He sure ain't Casper" and it is in the competition. It was even in on time.  Did I do something wrong?
- geminiangel1964 on 05 Feb 2020 4:49 am
Sorry geminiangel1964! That was my mistake. It should be fixed now with the correct score. 

Did anyone else notice any other errors?
- Jan_AQ on 07 Feb 2020 10:00 am

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