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Round One Complete!
Congratulations to our contestants for submitting their works to Round One of the TriWizard Writing Challenge!

Each applicant who submitted a story to Round One will receive 5 points. Each story that was submitted on time will receive a further 1 point.

Please list in the comments below your three favorite stories of this listing:

Not An Elf by JAWorley

A Promise He Could Trust by nnicolexxx

The mountains say by Hopeless Wanderer

Aboard the Hogwarts Express by MagnificentAndStrange

Questions and Answers by BlueWater5

A Shred of Hope by Anthezar

And I See Every One by hootowl

Chocolate Cake by Lemon Curd

The Other Side of Normal by RitaRevenant

Hybrid by geminiangel1964

The Shape of Your Soul by Aliciathewriter

Each story listed below will receive one maximum additional point. The top stories nominated in the comments will then be added to a poll to vote on for more points.

Just a reminder that Round Two's deadline for full points is on November 1st: Write and post a Halloween or fall themed story. There is no word limit but it must be a newly published and completed work.

If needed, here are some Round Two prompts to pick from:

Someone is cold.
A Hogsmeade weekend Harry isn’t allowed to go on.
Something on fire.

Good luck and to your quills!
Potions and Snitches on 16 Oct 2019 6:34 am [26 Comments]
New Fic Fest Contest! The FIRST Tri-Writing Tournament

:trophy: The Potions and Snitches Tri-Writing Tournament (annual) : :trophy:

This is an annual event. There will be three rounds of writing challenges, and like the Triwizard tournament each contestant gets points. At the end, the one with the highest number of points is the winner! :medal:

:one: Round One: Submit a one-shot for consideration, whether it has already been written and posted by you or a new one you will write just for the first task. Deadline is October 1st. Prompts may be requested by the author.

:two: Round Two: By November 1st write and post a Halloween or fall themed story. Prompts may be requested by the author.

:three: Round Three: Write a Christmas or winter themed story by December 25th. Prompts may be requested by the author.

Voting will be done after each round, and the final tally after December 25th. :christmas_tree:

:trophy: Winners will be announced January 1st. In case of a tie, a final show down round may be announced at the judges' discretion.

Submit all contest entries to the Potions and Snitches website under the new category Fic Fests > Tri-Writing Tournament 2019. Pick the correct round for each fic submitted.

 To your quills! :writing_hand:

Jan_AQ on 08 Sep 2019 3:15 pm [2 Comments]
P&S Discord

Potions and Snitches now has a Discord server. It is a place for members to chat, all are welcome. Join it here https://discord.gg/hqM9prd

Please make sure your Discord name includes your pen name or reviewer name so we know who you are. 

Jan_AQ on 12 Aug 2019 2:10 am [3 Comments]
New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  

 I am hoping you guys will respond to this and tell us what you'd like to see, anything new?  Any different challenges? etc. 


Thanks, Hope everyone had a wonderful start of the new year and that we can have a great year here too.  

starangel2106 on 02 Feb 2019 2:18 am [3 Comments]
Holiday Fest

Hello everyone!  Hope your Halloween was wonderful.  I am not sure I should do this as participation has been low in all the fest this year; but I opened a 2018 Holiday fest if you'd life to write a holiday story and add it. 

 Holiday Fic Fest. Write whatever you want as long as it includes a holiday/winter theme.  Don't forget to add it into the Holiday tag.   

starangel2106 on 03 Nov 2018 11:44 pm [0 Comments]

Welcome Autumn time!  As the start of autumn the summer fest is now over!  Yay?

 With that, I am going to open a Halloween Fest.  I propose you pick a challenges from the challenges and make it 'Halloween-y';  or just please please write write write.  


Thank you to JAWorley for participate in the Summer Fest! 

starangel2106 on 23 Sep 2018 1:59 am [1 Comments]
Summer Fic fest 2018



For this fest you just have to add a line or word from below. (Most a thanks to Rosina!)  If you'd like to add any, add them in the comments.

 Post at your own pace. End fo challenge will be September 2nd.  


Torn black robes


It's all in the details

Sea breezes

Dazzled Feathers flew everywhere

A smell of burnt.....

Spirals of smoke

It felt like the end of the world


The sun does not rise and set with you



Howling Wind





Happy crudy Birthday (or Happy Birthday)

Heat stroke

Heart of hearts  


starangel2106 on 02 Jul 2018 10:39 pm [2 Comments]

Happy Summer everyone,


  So July 1st I plan to post the fic fest challenge.  In order to do this it would be helpful if we had word or phrases anyone would like to see in a fest.  So come on in and drop your best in the comments! ;)  

starangel2106 on 26 Jun 2018 11:25 pm [5 Comments]
New ideas


I was wondering if anyone had any ideas they'd like to see happen?  A new fic fest? What find? Another type of challenege? 

Hope you are all doing well.   

starangel2106 on 26 May 2018 2:42 am [5 Comments]
Winter Holiday Fic Fest

Helloooooooooo Everyone!  Let's make some noise!  (Did I wake you up?)

Halloween is now behind us, yes, it's very sad, it's now onto the Winter season.   

This year I'm proposing if you choose to accept: write a story that involves snow and where Harry or Snape (or both) have to try a 'new' food from the other that they haven't ate before. 


starangel2106 on 08 Nov 2017 3:21 am [8 Comments]

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