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Hello everyone! With the need for Potions and Snitches to be crowd funded now, I created a GoFund me account for the site. The first $191 funds will pay for the current domain and server. Additional money will be used to upgrade the site and pay for additional years of use. If we reach our goal we'll be able to upgrade the site so that it loads faster and doesn't have so many time out errors.

If we raise more than our goal, the excess may be used to further develop the site, maybe buy some prizes for story winners.

If you'd like to donate, here is the site: 


Thank you! Let's keep Potions and Snitches alive! 

Jan_AQ on 24 Mar 2015 9:46 am [10 Comments]

So sorry that it has been so long to award Featured status for the 2014-2015 Winter Fic Fest, what with the issues with the site being down, and personal issues for us Admins.

As a result in such a long delay in awarding featured status, we have decided to award all entries in the Fest, 'Featured Status". 

Because Darkorangecat, submitted several stories, we have chosen the one that best fits the 'Winter Theme'.

Congratulations to the following authors and stories!! Great job, and again...our apologies on the delay!


Featured Stories:

The Christmas Wish Tree by darkorangecat (K+)
Written for the Winter Fic Fest.The Christmas Wish Tree had been standing in...

Christmas traditions by MsHuntergrl (K)
Entry to the Winter Fic Fest. It’s a long standing tradition at Hogwarts...

Harry's Lucky Find by rosina (K)
For Winter Fic Fest using Jan AQ's challenge Special Stick. Harry finds and...

All I want for Christmas by atiaahmed (T)
Lockart wipes Harry's memory. Along the way of regaining it, he gets access...

Chills part V: Chills dissolved. by Henna Hypsch (T)
Entry for the Winter Fic Fest as part of the series "Chills". It is the coldest...

Pandora on 15 Mar 2015 6:05 pm [1 Comments]
P&S 10 year anniversary!
P&S has been up for TEN YEARS now! :) Thanks for all the fun and fics!

Check out this video our new admin Luck made: Hogwarts will always welcome you home....

Enjoy, P&Sers! Thank you to everyone who help make P&S possible, the writers, readers, reviewers, prefects and more!

Thanks to Luck for the video and congrats on the new prefect position!

And for fun, here is a video with all the Snape scenes from the movies in chronological order:

Jan_AQ on 13 Feb 2015 8:15 am [9 Comments]
Winter Fic Fest!


Welcome back to Potions and Snitches! We are excited to be back up and running. As many of you probably did not get a chance to read the Winter fic fests, here they are. If I missed any please let me know so I may add you. 

Harry’s Lucky Find by Rosina

Christmas Traditions by Ms.Huntergrl

‘Ohana by Darkorangecat

The Christmas Wish Tree by Darkorangecat

Eight is more than enough by Darkorangecat

A Pair of shoes that fit by Darkorangecat

Apologizing for the past by Darkorangecat 

All I want for Christmas by Atiaahmed

Chills by Henna Hypsch   

starangel2106 on 31 Jan 2015 2:12 am [7 Comments]
We're back up on a new site!

Please update your profiles! The area has been updated.

The Potions and Snitches website became inaccessible sometime at the beginning of January. It seems that the domain expired. I since attempted but was unable to contact the member who had paid on her own for the site the last ten years or so. We can only hope that she is alright.

Since the site was gone for so long, I decided to buy a new domain name and move the site so we can get back to reading, reviewing and posting stories! While inaccessible, no stories or reviews were lost during this move. Hooray!

Unfortunately I also had to purchase a new host server because I was unable to figure out how to work the new domain otherwise. It is my hope to register the group as a nonprofit and be able to have the community pay the server and domain fees through donations in the future. This way we can avoid long periods of downtime due to renewals in the future. I will update you later on that as plans are made.

The new Potions and Snitches website is called potionsandsnitches.org. The old one was .net. It does not seem like a big change, but it took a lot of work to make the switch. It will likely be awhile until we can be sure all old links and images are updated.

Thank you so much for your patience and support through these frustrating times.

We will soon post a list of all the stories added and updated for the Winter Fest for your enjoyment. They were added right before the site went down.

chocolate frogs,


Jan_AQ on 26 Jan 2015 9:02 am [11 Comments]
Winter Fic Fest!

Hello everyone,

  We are missing some information in most of the emails.  As we had a low participation please go ahead and post your stories! Please make it clear in the summart that it is for the fest.   If you do need help Pandora or I are available by email or chat.   


Thank you!  

starangel2106 on 04 Jan 2015 12:53 am [0 Comments]
Winter Fic Fest!

Hello everyone,

This is just a reminder that the Winter Fic Fest is in full swing and we are hoping you are enjoying writing them.

 You may submit them at any time you have completed them. If you have sent an email to Pandora or myself (starangel2106) and have not recieved an email back, please try again.    

 Looking forward to your submissions!

Thank you!   


starangel2106 on 09 Dec 2014 7:30 am [7 Comments]

Congratulations to the 2 authors who tied for first place in the Halloween Fest, and have earned Featured Status for their wonderful stories!!!

'The Art of Forgetting' by Scorpia


'Not an Elf' by J.A. Worley

Thank you to all the authors who participated. It is always such a hard choice, because ALL the stories are so well-written.

Pandora on 21 Nov 2014 3:13 am [6 Comments]

Hi everyone,

Thank you all for the wonderful Halloween stories! Voting is now open.

Please submit your votes here, no more than three stories per member please. The stories listed the most will receive Featured Status.

For reference, the stories are as follows:

Thank you,

Pandora on 08 Nov 2014 5:37 pm [18 Comments]
Winter Fic Fest!!

Hello, we are excited to announce the Winter Fic Fest! This year we are going to do something a little different! We are asking you to pick a Challenge from the Challenge section that has not already been answered. We prefer you to pick within two weeks; however, all are welcomed to pick a challenege and write for the fest. Email Pandora or Starangel2106 with your challenge prompt. If you would like to suggest someone write a specific challenge you are more than welcome to in the comments section and those writing are more than welcome to consider them.

This challenege is to give you, the authors more freedom as to what you write. However in the spirit of the season, you can also give back by writing someone’s challenge for them.

The Break down:

~The fest will end Jan 2nd. (As always if it’s close and you need just a little more time please ask an admin.)

~Email the finished fic to either Pandora or Starangel starting December 1st.

~The theme is winter, this includes any holiday you want to have in it.

~If you have any questions comment or email us.

~Emails: starangel2106@yahoo.com or dawndemersca@yahoo.ca

Please enjoy!


Starangel on 03 Nov 2014 2:47 am [14 Comments]

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