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Hi all new members and welcome to the site.

Unfortunately, many new members are not reading the rules regarding submission of new stories.

This is a SNAPE AND HARRY Gen fic site.

 One of the criteria, the most important of ALL our requirements for new stories to be validated, is that a story MUST contain an adequate amount of Harry and Snape interaction--this does not mean, one line where they say 'hello' to each other.

I have had to reject numerous submissions, because authors are not reading the rules!

The rules are at the bottom of the page. Please read them thoroughly before submitting your story!

I do not like having to send rejection letters, but since we don't have alot of rules on the site, I don't think that it is alot to ask new members, to follow the most important rule of all.

We usually try to give authors a chance, by proving that the story will contain Harry and Snape interaction soon, but lately, the submission queue is bogged down by stories that contain absolutely no interaction whatsoever.

We try to keep this site, one where authors can enjoy that special relationship between Harry and Snape, so thank you for understanding that we must be strict with following the rule of Harry and Snape interaction, otherwise, we would lose the special quality that this site was built on--that is, to have a goldmine of stories where readers can enjoy the relationship between Harry and Snape.

Thank you for your understanding,

P&S Admin team 



Pandora on 02 Nov 2014 3:45 am [0 Comments]
Winter Fic Fest!!

Hello, we are excited to announce the Winter Fic Fest! This year we are going to do something a little different! We are asking you to pick a Challenge from the Challenge section that has not already been answered. We prefer you to pick within two weeks; however, all are welcomed to pick a challenege and write for the fest. Email Pandora or Starangel2106 with your challenge prompt. If you would like to suggest someone write a specific challenge you are more than welcome to in the comments section and those writing are more than welcome to consider them.

This challenege is to give you, the authors more freedom as to what you write. However in the spirit of the season, you can also give back by writing someone’s challenge for them.

The Break down:

~The fest will end Jan 2nd. (As always if it’s close and you need just a little more time please ask an admin.)

~Email the finished fic to either Pandora or Starangel starting December 1st.

~The theme is winter, this includes any holiday you want to have in it.

~If you have any questions comment or email us.

~Emails: starangel2106@yahoo.com or dawndemersca@yahoo.ca

Please enjoy!


starangel2106 on 30 Oct 2014 3:24 am [5 Comments]
Due to interest, we welcome any and all Halloween fics.  We will do a poll after Halloween sometime in Nov. If you would like to participate in it, please post as close to Halloween as possible. Inform an admin if you want to be in the poll but haven't posted. 
Pandora on 16 Oct 2014 3:29 am [14 Comments]
Movie night- DH part 1


We will be having another movie night Saturday the 4th, at 6 Pacific, 9 Eastern, 8 Central.  I hope you can join even if you can't chat throughout!  Although we will also be in chat of course! 

starangel2106 on 30 Sep 2014 3:40 am [0 Comments]
Harry Potter and HBP?
We are going to have a movie night on Saturday Sept. 27th!  I believe the movie is Half Blood prince, but I'm sure we can finalize that in chat.  Hope you join in!
starangel2106 on 25 Sep 2014 3:36 am [1 Comments]

Congratulations to Whitetail, who won featured status for her story, Prisoners. 


Also, another tie between TWO HAWKS HUNTING, by Snapegirl and IN CARE OF by Fangs Fawn, so both will be awarded also, FEATURED STATUS. 

 Well done to the all the talented authors. 

Pandora on 04 Sep 2014 1:59 am [3 Comments]

 EDIT:  The movie will be postponed until next weekend.  It is a long weekend in America and I believe most people will be busy.  I will put a new announcement up when I have a date. 

 The Poll will still be closing on Sunday!  


The next movie will be Sunday tenitively at 6Pacific, 8 Central, and 9 Eastern.  Unless someone requires another time.   Hope everyone is enjoying. 

Also don't forget to vote in the poll, it will close on Sunday. 



starangel2106 on 28 Aug 2014 3:56 am [2 Comments]
HP and GOF


 This weeks movie is Goblet of Fire and it will be Saturday the 23rd at 6pm Pacific, 8 Central, and 9pm Eastern.

 Please join the PS gang in watching our favorite charaters. :D

starangel2106 on 19 Aug 2014 3:43 am [13 Comments]
WIP Featured Status

Congratulations to our two winners of the WIP Featured Status. It was a very close call for first place, so we are awarding both of their wonderful stories, FEATURED STATUS.


Among The Gemini Trees by JAWorley 
Among The Gemini Trees by JAWorley 22%

 To Trust by Abie 

To Trust by Abie 20%
Pandora on 14 Aug 2014 4:33 pm [2 Comments]
HP and POA

Hello everyone! 

We are having a lot of fun doing a weekly movie.  The Next one is Prisoner of Azkaban.  We will be watching it on Saturday 16th at 6pm Pacific, 8pm Central, and 9pm Eastern.  

We look forward to your company!  

starangel2106 on 10 Aug 2014 4:39 am [5 Comments]

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