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Warnings: Rape

Marauders Era. Pokemon!AU. Unable to handle James and Sirius bullying/abusing him on a daily basis and being used by everyone as an anger release, Severus is possessed by Nihilego, who fuses with him. Trying to save her friend, Lily, the Marauders, and the rest of Gryffindor and Slytherin find out how much he was suffering because of their abuse and neglect.

Takes Place: 0 - Before Harry is born - Snape flavour: Angry Snape, Depressed Snape
Tags: Alternate Universe, Injured!Snape, Kidnapped!Snape
Categories: Misc > No category on the site fits
Rated: K - Warnings: Bullying, Character Bashing, Rape, Romance/Slash, Self harm, Violence
Chapters: 1 - Completed: No - Updated: 09 Nov 2020 / 09 Nov 2020
Series: None - Challenges: None
Ginny's is not the only valentine Harry gets. After eating the chocolate gifted to him by an anonymous admirer, Harry realizes he is very much in love with none other than the handsome Gildery Lockhart. But will Gilderoy love him back? Why is Hermione suddenly in love with Snape? And who is the mysterious blonde beauty Snape has been seen with? (Warning: Mention of rape. But no worries, it is not overly dark, and no inappropriate relationships between students and teachers actually happen.)

Takes Place: 2nd Year - Snape flavour: Canon Snape
Tags: None
Categories: Healer Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Character Death, Out of Character, Rape
Chapters: 16 - Completed: No - Updated: 11 May 2020 / 06 Aug 2019
Series: None - Challenges: Teacher Attack!
This story is from the Summer Fic Fest. A prompt by Scorpia that I saw on Potions and Snitches website. Harry is kidnapped and Draco is the only one who saw it happen and who knows who did it.

Takes Place: 6th summer - Snape flavour: Comforting Snape, Loving Snape, Stern Snape
Tags: Alternate Universe, Kidnapped!Harry
Categories: Parental Snape > Godfather Snape, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape, Fic Fests > #18 Summer 2015
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Out of Character, Rape
Chapters: 23 - Completed: Yes - Updated: 20 Feb 2020 / 21 Jun 2015
Series: None - Challenges: Draco is the Only Witness
Severus Snape, thinking he was going to have a relaxing summer of just brewing potions at his manor and not have to deal with brats each day, his summer plans change when on the first night back from Hogwarts, an upset Lily Potter visits him in a dream, needing his help to rescue her son.

Reluctantly, he checks on the Potter brat at his relatives home that same night, only to discover that all is not what it seems.

Takes Place: 3rd summer, 3rd Year - Snape flavour: Angry Snape, Comforting Snape, Controlling Snape, Depressed Snape, Desperate Snape, Kind Snape, Loving Snape, Out of Character Snape, Overly-protective Snape
Tags: Adoption, Injured!Harry, Kidnapped!Harry, Snape-meets-Dursleys
Categories: Healer Snape, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Character Death, Neglect, Profanity, Rape
Chapters: 22 - Completed: No - Updated: 05 Apr 2019 / 21 Aug 2016
Series: None - Challenges: None
The professors no longer can scare Harry with talk of lost points, detentions or Quidditch suspensions. He's been beaten down for far too long, and he finally has reached his limit. Severus mentors, eventual guardian

Takes Place: 5th summer, 5th Year - Snape flavour: Angry Snape, Out of Character Snape, Overly-protective Snape
Tags: Adoption, Alternate Universe, Injured!Harry, New Identity!Harry, Resorting, Slytherin!Harry
Categories: Teacher Snape > Trusted Mentor Snape, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Bullying, Character Bashing, Character Death, Neglect, Out of Character, Profanity, Rape, Romance/Het, Suicide Themes, Violence
Chapters: 7 - Completed: No - Updated: 22 Nov 2018 / 18 Jun 2018
Series: None - Challenges: None
When the saved hates the savior, magic demands justice and forms a slavery bond. Severus has saved Harry's life one too many times and the bond has formed, beyond anyone's power to dissolve.

Takes Place: 3rd Year, 4th summer, 4th Year - Snape flavour: Canon Snape, Comforting Snape, Depressed Snape, Desperate Snape
Tags: Snape-meets-Dursleys
Categories: Master Snape > Slave Harry
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Alcohol Use, Corporal Punishment, Neglect, Profanity, Rape, Suicide Themes, Torture, Violence
Chapters: 10 - Completed: No - Updated: 17 Jul 2018 / 16 Feb 2015
Series: None - Challenges: Slave
Two years after the Battle of Hogwarts, Auror Harry Potter is on a raid when he comes across a wizard long thought to be dead. A wizard that, if truly alive, would surely be killed the moment his identity is revealed. Which puts Harry in a bit of a bind.

Takes Place: 8 - Post Hogwarts (young adult Harry), 8 - Pre Epilogue (adult Harry) - Snape flavour: Desperate Snape
Tags: Injured!Snape, Kidnapped!Snape
Categories: Snape Equal Status to Harry > Comrades Snape and Harry
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Profanity, Rape, Romance/Het, Romance/Slash, Torture, Violence
Chapters: 8 - Completed: Yes - Updated: 08 Jul 2018 / 15 May 2018
Series: None - Challenges: None
SEQUEL to “The Last Will and Testament of Lily Evans” and “Lily’s Last Wish.” Harry is kidnapped and tortured, and Snape is left to try and pick up the pieces and prepare Harry for the final battle. This is the third story in the series.

Takes Place: 6th Year - Snape flavour: Comforting Snape
Tags: Injured!Harry, Kidnapped!Harry
Categories: Healer Snape, Teacher Snape > Trusted Mentor Snape, Parental Snape > Guardian Snape, Teacher Snape > Unofficially teaching Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Rape, Torture, Violence
Chapters: 34 - Completed: No - Updated: 26 Jun 2018 / 17 Aug 2017
Series: Lily's Boys - The Saga - Challenges: None
Book 2 of "Right in Front of Me" series. Voldemort is gaining power & Harry is sure that Draco is not to be trusted. Can Snape protect the dark haired boy he's come to love as a son, while shielding his precious family from the evils closing in on them? (HBP Year 6 - AU-ish w/ OC, but follows canon. Severitus - mentor/adoption - mentions sexual abuse, but no details - NO SLASH!)

Takes Place: 6th Year - Snape flavour: Comforting Snape
Tags: Adoption
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: 16+ - Warnings: Neglect, Profanity, Rape, Self harm, Torture, Violence
Chapters: 19 - Completed: No - Updated: 16 Apr 2018 / 22 Nov 2016
Series: Right in Front of Me Trilogy - Challenges: None
Harry Potter has spent the last year hunting down the horcrux with his two best friends and new adoptive parent, Severus Snape. After Voldemort's defeat during the Battle of Hogwarts, Harry must deal with what remains after a short life filled with trauma. Although he is no longer alone, Harry finds moving forward to be nearly impossible and finally accepts help in the most unexpected of muggle places.

(Set in the same universe as "Not All Who Wander are Lost")

Takes Place: 8 - Post Hogwarts (young adult Harry) - Snape flavour: Comforting Snape, Kind Snape, Loving Snape
Tags: None
Categories: Parental Snape > Guardian Snape
Rated: T - Warnings: Abusive Dursleys, Rape, Self harm, Suicide Themes
Chapters: 9 - Completed: No - Updated: 21 Mar 2018 / 08 May 2015
Series: Not All Who Wander are Lost - Challenges: None

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